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The 4 Laws of Building Muscle

laws of building muscleEveryone wants to build muscle but very few people know where to start. There are hundreds of muscle building workout programs out there but if you don’t follow the 10 laws of muscle building below then nothing matters.

Here are the 4 laws of muscle building if you want a ripped muscular physique:

Law #1 – You must eat over your maintenance calories

You need to eat more to grow. That’s a fact. If you spend your entire life lifting weights and eating like a bird then you will never gain any appreciable amounts of muscle.

Law #2 – Get at least 7 hours of rest every day

Sleep is important. In fact it’s so important that it can make or break your gains if you aren’t getting enough of it.

So aim for a minimum of 7 hours per day, preferably 8 if possible.

Law #3 – You’re not getting stronger

If you want to get big and strong then you need to literally get stronger. You are not going to pack on slabs of rock hard muscle if you stick with 20 pound dumbbells your entire life so you should start tracking the amount of weight you’re lifting and aim to progressively increase that amount every single week.

But note, you don’t have to just keep adding plates to the barbell. You can also get stronger by increasing the total amount of reps and sets that you’re doing.

So for example, let’s say on Week  1 you do 3 sets of shoulder press at 45 pounds for 10 reps. You don’t necessarily need to increase the weight next time. Instead you can do 3 sets of shoulder press at 45 pounds for 11 reps. You’re not pushing more weight but more reps, which is a form of progressing.

Law #4 – Your workout split sucks

If you read any muscle building magazine on how to build muscle or how to get a ripped body, you’ll see them suggesting crazy workouts that have you training anywhere from 5-7 days per week. That is insane, especially for a beginner. If you’re a beginner, you need to just focus on eating, getting enough rest, and getting stronger.

And you should really only be training for a maximum of 4 days per week preferably hitting each muscle group 2 times per week. My favorite muscle building routine is an upper/lower split where you train both your upper and lower body 2 times per week.

So there you go, the 4 fundamentals of building rock solid muscle quickly and efficiently. Sure there are some details I left out but these are the 4 fundamentals you must follow to get big.

 Disclaimer: This is a guest post, and does not necessarily reflects the views of Kodjoworkout

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