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4 Portable Ways To Keep Yourself In Shape

4 Portable Ways To Keep Yourself In ShapeWhen your schedule is packed, finding time to hit the gym may seem to be an impossible mission. However, this does not mean that you have to slack off on your fitness goals. By packing a few lightweight pieces of workout gear, you can easily keep your body toned. Here are four portable items that you can toss in your day bag to stay in shape no matter how many things are on your agenda.

Track Progress with a Pedometer

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that can be done almost anywhere. If you will be walking on unfamiliar terrain, you may need a pedometer to track your distance. A pedometer can also be worn during the day to track how many steps you take during the course of your normal activities. A quality pedometer will also offer an average of the calories burned according to the amount you walk.

Unroll a Yoga Mat

When the weather is beautiful outside, heading outdoors can be a great way to stay motivated for staying in shape. Yoga mats are lightweight, portable and can be used to create a non-slip, clean surface anywhere you go. A yoga mat can be stored in your work bag, or you can keep it in your car for spontaneous opportunities to exercise.

Carry On-The-Go Meals

When you are busy, eating healthy often gets thrown to the side by the temptation of instant fast food. Avoid fat and calorie-heavy meals at the restaurant by packing diet shakes and meal replacement shakes that can give you energy while meeting your dietary needs for essential nutrients. These on-the-go meals are delicious as well as portable, and stashing one in your bag is a great way to stave off hunger when it strikes.

Pack a Jump Rope

A jump rope is a workout essential that can provide a powerhouse workout as you burn calories and tone every major muscle group simultaneously. They are also one of the most portable types of workout gear you can find. Choose from ropes with weighted-handles, fast-paced ropes and bright colors to find one that fits into your workout plans.

Having a few portable fitness essentials on hand is the best way to maintain your focus on staying in shape. By packing a mat, some rope and a few diet shakes, you will have everything you need to work out and avoid eating unhealthy meals. Finally, remember that you portable gear can serve as inspiration that will remind you to get up and get moving whenever you have available time in your active schedule.

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