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5 Tips for Improving your Quality of Life

quality of lifeThe current economic climate and thinning moral fabric of society draws a lot of attention from social theorists and members of the general public. However, despite all the economic hardships and the rapid social change that people all over the world are facing these days, a lot of emphasis is being placed on enhancing the quality of life. Here are a few tips that can help you improve your quality of life and find peace no matter how trying your circumstances may be.

1. Live within your means

The single biggest stressor that plagues modern society is the growing lure of consumerism. While consumerism isn’t bad as an ideology in itself, its impact on society has been absolutely dreadful. It has given rise to the mentality of “keeping up with the Joneses” and non-essential purchases have become necessities. This push towards making society more consumerist has also pushed the credit card and load lifestyle which is one of the biggest causes of stress these days. If you simply decided to live realistically within your means and accept that there are luxuries that you can afford to pay for and there are ones that you need to save up for a few months for, your quality of life would improve significantly.

2. Work on your health

Around the world, citizen’s groups and advocacy groups are up in arms trying to pressure governments into creating health reforms that make healthcare and health insurance more affordable for the public. But all these political measures and reforms are still no substitute for the loss of quality of life when one is stricken with an ailment. On the other hand, working on your own health doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful. Just make realistic health goals like “I will only eat fried food on weekends” or “I will take the stairs at work every day” and you would see significant improvement in your health over a few weeks’ time.

3. be sociable

No country or culture around the world is immune to social upheavals at the time. On one hand, we have the internet that promises to connect us to the rest of the world. On the other hand, the very same means of communication has led to an increase in social isolation. Social isolation, social media and new means of communication have also given rise to a new set of social problems. However, all of these can easily be countered by simply making an effort to be social. Whether you hang out with your only close pal everyday or invite friends and family over for Sunday dinner every few weeks, being sociable will considerably improve your quality of life and also provide you with a mental break from your own personal issues and stresses.

4. Save before you spend

Since money is one of the key stressors in modern life, the most intuitive way to counter financial problems would be to meet saving goals before indulging in spending. A good rule of thumb for making savings is to save a third of every paycheck you earn. This would give you a considerable saving even after just a few years of working a job that doesn’t pay too much. Setting spending and purchase goals like “new TV fund”, “summer vacation fund”, etc. also helps you maximize the potential of small change and very small savings made over time.

5. Distinguish genuine life goals from vanity

If you ask any group of random individual what their life goals are, having a better body and having more nice things is bound to show up in the top 10 list. And since it is virtually impossible for any two people to have the exact same desires in life, this emphasis on having the perfect looks and having money to burn can be attributed to the propagation of vanity through pop culture. And here is where taking control of your own life and your own mind becomes essential. You need to learn to distinguish genuine life goals from goals stemming from vanity. If you think having a svelte figure is essential, ask yourself if you’d rather achieve it through making changes to your lifestyle or simply by counting calories and worrying about food and your weight all the time; if you want to be richer, ask yourself if having more money would also translate into more happiness for you or if you want to be rich only so you can have a fancier car or live alone in a larger house.

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