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Aromatherapy to Traditional Thai – 5 Top Massage Treatments

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1. Thai Massage

Thai massage is a unique mixture of being both energizing to the body whilst also being deeply calming and soothing. Similarly to Yoga, the end result of a Thai massage is of a body feeling centered and relaxed whilst also being ready to face a new day. Thai practitioners are famous for using all parts of their body to manipulate their clients: this includes feet, knees and legs as well as the hands and elbows. Based on Eastern practices of aligning the body’s central energy resources to focus the mind and increase flexibility, a Thai massage involves stretching the body as well as acupressure, compression of muscles and mobilizing the various joints.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is one technique with which many people are familiar, using slow and deep pressure on muscles to create friction which helps to realign the muscles. It also can be used to help break up areas of scar tissue, helping the body’s cells to reform in the correct manner. Although it can be painful during the treatment, the vast majority of clients find it to be deeply effective. Deep tissue massage is generally used in areas of discomfort, such as stiff shoulders or neck pain or problems with the back.

3. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is perhaps the most common variety of massage treatment, using the stereotypical massage motions to sooth the skin and ease tension in the muscles. Generally, Swedish massage uses oil to help lubricate the skin for a variety of kneading and tapping movements which increase mobility as well as stimulating muscle repair. Swedish massage is also known to improve circulation by moving nutrients throughout the body, which can improve general health.

4. Shiatsu Massage

Making use of the Chinese system of meridians, the Shiatsu massage technique applies pressure with the fingers to very specific areas on the body. According to the theory, the meridians are energy lines which flow through the body and can be manipulated to help correct disturbances in the flow of ‘chi’. Using thumbs, fingers and palms, pressure is applied and helps improve muscle relaxation and to reduce stress.

5. Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

Popular in spa treatments, the hot stone therapeutic massage is similar to the Swedish massage, being very soothing and relaxing. During the treatment, hot stones are placed on the afflicted areas of the body, such as the back or shoulders, and the radiant heat helps to soothe muscles, calm the nerves and help with releasing toxins.

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