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5 Holiday Stress Tips

Holiday stress tipsIt is nearly fall, and that means that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is nearly upon us! The plethora of money, time, and travel seem to hit their apex around the November/December months and with these inevitable worries coming up quickly, here are 5 very important stress tips to help keep your tensions down and your efficiency up.


As reported by NPR, controlled breathing has been proven in scientific studies to calm the heart, soothe digestion, and release feel-good endorphins in the brain. Of course, before it was definitively proven in studies, it has long been known throughout human society that controlling one’s breathing can be used to calm down, notably in the Indian culture. Modern yogis are familiar with the ancient Hindu breathing techniques called pranayama and it has been used for centuries to meditate and clear one’s mind. Early practitioners believed that controlling one’s breathing was absolutely fundamental to how one perceives the world and found that the pranayama method had the ability to change their consciousness. Practically, slow and deep breaths will do wonders to soothe your tense soul.

Plan in Advance

One huge stress of the holiday season is the money woes that come with buying your friends and family presents, and that can be easily alleviated by planning in advance. One could save up a lump sum and buy their presents all at once, which would help with money, but it would still cause a great deal of stress trying to shop before deadlines. The best way to beat this is to buy gifts as you go, all year round, as you get the chance to find gifts that are truly unique and still have months to do your searching. In many cases, you will just run into a perfect gift in March, and if you have the foresight to buy it for the holidays than you can save yourself a giant headache.

Synchronize Travel Plans

No one likes the insanity of traveling for the holidays, whether it is driving, flying, the train, or what have you. Plane travel can never be completely stress free, but if it is a necessity to remove your travel stress, you can always upgrade to a roomier first class seating or pay the premium to fly a more comfortable airline. It’s always worth it to plan your travel months in advance, as that way you can get tickets for cheaper and see exactly what’s available to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Ask for Time Off Early

It can be quite difficult to get time off from work for a vacation during the holiday months and it pays dividends to ask in advance. Far too often, employees buy plane tickets and make hotel reservations before they are guaranteed time off and this can cause a whole host of problems. Avoid this unnecessary stress and make sure your time off is guaranteed.

See a Psychologist

Aside from circumstantial stress, the holiday season can be a trigger for other traumas in one’s life as that time of year can bring back very negative memories. Some people have problems coping because of family problems or memories of very bad holiday seasons, and the only true way to resolve these stresses is to sort them out with a therapist or a psychologist. It may seem like a lot of time and money, but even a busy New Yorker can find the time to visit a New York City psychologist, and many health insurance plans with cover sessions. Ultimately, this will reduce one’s lifetime amount of stress substantially if any semblance of closure is reached.

Stress is a reality in the modern world we live in, but luckily there are many stress tips to help people cope. The best advice is to look around and try things out to find what works best for you.

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