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A Shorter Version of P90X Coming Soon Called P90X3

P90X3Beachbody LLC recently announced the upcoming release of a brand new in home DVD home workout program as part of the P90X family featuring famous trainer Tony Horton. The new workout called P90X3 is scheduled to launch on December 10th, 2013 just in time for the holiday and New Year’s fitness season.

Many questions surround the new program: Will P90X3 be a graduate program of P90X and P90X2? What new features of P90X3 will make it different from the other two programs? Will there be any new exercises featured as part of P90X3? These questions and others will be answered in this article.

Is P90X3 a Graduate Program?

The short answer is no, P90X3 is not a graduate program. P90X3 is being touted as a completely new revised P90X version in which anyone who has ever tried the original version or anyone who has ever thought about trying P90X could begin P90X3. Unlike P90X2 which was a sequel to P90X and required some beforehand knowledge of P90X in order to complete it, P90X3 can be started from the ground up with no prior knowledge or experience of any other P90X program.

Why is the fact P90X3 is not a graduate program important? It’s important mainly because now a wider range of people can start and finish the program. P90X3 was not designed for just one type of person in mind like P90X2 (for graduates of P90X). Another reason this is good is because graduates of P90X who are looking for a fresh workout by their favorite trainer Tony Horton now have something new. In a nutshell, almost anyone with any fitness background whether they are well acquainted with P90X or not will have an opportunity to try P90X3.

The New Features of P90X3

A completely revamped workout program is what P90X3 is. Since that’s the case we would expect all aspects of the program to be touched up. The P90X3 nutrition guide while similar to its predecessors has been enhanced to feature new styles of eating habits as well as new recipes incorporating new ingredients. The calendar that outlines daily fitness routine for the 90 day program has been updated as well to reflect the new shorter workout routines. On that note, now would be a good time to highlight the most significant change to P90X3 from its predecessors.

While P90X and P90X2 utilized 1 hour or longer blocks of exercise P90X3 never goes over 30 minutes. This of course means that there are more workout routines in the program. While P90X and P90X2 ranged from 12 to 14 workouts in the program respectively, P90X3 has 20 workouts but each of which are 30 minutes long. The 90 minute yoga video is no more as is the 75 minutes of legs and back. Tony Horton has finally realized that much more can be accomplished with shorter blocks of time if done the right way.

What new forms of exercise are featured in P90X3?

With several new workouts added to the list Tony Horton didn’t just mix up the same old stuff. In fact P90X3 incorporates several new styles into the program. While not every new exercise featured in the program is known at this point we do know that PILATES as well as some advanced forms of MMA (mixed martial arts) are part of it. In P90X Kenpo X featured a form MMA as a cardio workout but the moves were elementary to say the least. P90X3 goes much further is providing MMA FOUNDATION beyond the basics that Kenpo X provided.

Pilates will be a nice addition to the program as the popularity and benefits of this program have increased greatly in the past decade.

P90X3 will be here soon and there will be much more info available between now and the release. To get up to the minute updates, recently added FAQs, as well as any news of specials or promos that may be offered during the initial launch check out the official P90X3 FitnessBodyOnline info page.

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