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Cure Kidney Disease with Renadyl

renadyl and kidneyWhy Renadyl?

Renadyl provides a natural way to treat and possibly cure kidney disease. Here is why Renadyl works; as your kidneys get overloaded and impaired, they favor a buildup of poisonous (nitrogenous) waste in the bloodstream consisting of uric acid, urea, creatinine, nitrosamines and indoles and phenols. The accumulation of these toxins (in high concentration in your blood) causes several organ systems to fail over time. That’s where Renadyl comes in.

The nitrogenous wastes are actually utilized by Renadyl as nutrients, enabling Renadyl to effectively metabolize them. As probiotics (which are contained in Renadyl) grow and multiply, they consume incrementally more nitrogenous waste. The more waste they suck up from the bloodstream, the healthier your kidneys become, which eventually helps cure kidney disease.

Kidney Functions and Probiotics

Probiotics are live micro-organisms that deliver added benefits to the human body. Some of these probiotics have proven to be highly beneficial to healthy kidney functions, especially in people with damaged or impaired kidneys. Renadyl contains 3 major types of these probiotics, which scientific names are: Bifidobacterium logum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Streptocccus thermophilus.

Though one can get a fair amount of probiotics through yogurt, many yogurts contain only 10 billion or so colony forming units (CFU) of good bacteria. You can treat and possibly cure kidney disease with Renadyl because it contains 3 to 4.5 times that amount (i.e. between 30 billion and 45 billion CFU) of the three bacteria mentioned above, ensuring proper kidney functioning.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that these three bacteria have a strong affinity for uric acid and urea (toxins released when kidneys fail to perform properly). The 3 bacteria have been meticulously selected given their metabolic effect on those toxins.

Cure Kidney Disease with Renadyl

RenadylRenadyl establishes kidney balance naturally. It’s important to underscore the fact that these three bacteria are not genetically modified, but rather, they are grown naturally under uremic conditions, so that they have higher affinity for uremic toxins. As such, they are approved by the US FDA guidelines.

As mentioned previously, when the kidney fails to function properly, it releases uremic toxins in the bloodstream that travel through to the colon. The probiotic bacteria from Renadyl are released into the large intestine and once in the colon, they target and metabolize the uremic nitrogenous wastes, turning them into nutrients for growth. Their growth coincides with a decrease of the nitrogenous wastes, which in turn re-balances the kidney.

Take one to three capsules of Renadyl with every meal, or as prescribed by your doctor

Renadyl and kidney disease

Other considerations

Renadyl is just one of many ways to treat and possible cure kidney disease. There are several other natural ways to cure kidney disease.

Check out the below video for more tips on the topic of kidney disease.

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