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Foam Rolling – An Effective Fitness Method

foam rollerFoam rolling is now a very popular exercise technique, as it can practically replace an expert masseuse – or even a physical therapist – as far as correcting muscular imbalance and most problems associated with tight muscles is concerned. It can also relieve muscle pains and prevent injuries from occurring.

Foam rollers are very simple pieces of exercise equipment that anybody can use. It doesn’t require the skills of a master either. These rollers are self-massage tools that can provide the body with almost the same effect as a session with a massage expert. It just boils down to finding the best foam roller that fits your needs.

The benefits of foam rolling

This exercise equipment can be used with almost all parts of the body, more particularly from the hips down. A daily dose of foam rolling exercise can lead to a host of health benefits. Foam roller benefits are countless such as:

1. Injury prevention

People who perform rigorous workouts, like most athletes, are very prone to exercise-related injuries. Generally speaking, runners are the ones who suffer from them the most. Foam rolling routines can prevent common sores from happening.

2. Improves flexibility

Foam rolling can flex those muscles effectively. The constant use of this equipment can stretch and lengthen certain muscle groups. It can also help relieve muscle tightness. The best foam rollers can massage the muscles in such a way they become smoother, longer, and healthier.

3. Relieves stress

Foam rolling can take your mind away from a grueling day’s work. But more than that, it helps relieve back pains and improve posture. Regular foam roller exercises can also improve the body’s balance and general awareness.

4. Greater mobility

Foam rolling is an exercise that trains the muscles to move faster. And in such state, every training day gets maximized.  The muscles also become stronger in the process.

5. Faster recovery

Aside from being resistant to common injuries, the muscles tend to recover faster after spending ample time on the foam rollers. The muscles of athletes using this equipment rarely get sore. If ever they do, it won’t take long for them to go back to their healthy state.

The Best Foam Rollers

foam rollingIt is very important to find the best foam rollers on the market in order to reap maximum benefits. The one you’ll buy should be custom-fit for your needs. For starters, look for foam rollers of the right length and density. Do consider your own weight and body fat content when choosing as they are crucial factors that can affect your workout. Furthermore, you have to evaluate the contact area on the body and on the ground.

Foam rollers can effectively work out the body while massaging it at the same time. It is currently top rated exercise equipment for the upper back, hamstrings, quads, calves, shins, neck, and feet. Everyone’s exercise routines should include a few minutes on a foam roller.

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