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Get Healthy: Say Goodbye to Your Body’s Toxins with Massage

deep tissue massageMassages aren’t just a luxury splurge or a momentary good feeling. Nor do they just relax those tense muscles or improve flexibility. The effects of a professional message go deeper than tissue repair, they bring out toxins you never thought you had and benefit your well-being – finding a happier and healthier you.

Deep tissue massage treatment has taken over the traditional Swedish massage and with both the health and indulgence benefits, it’s easy to see why. A deep tissue massage, unlike any other aims to release the toxins in your body and is performed only on the affected areas, making the massage extremely therapeutic and the effects long lasting.

Understanding DTM

The techniques of a deep tissue massage involve slow stroking on the tight areas of your body, focusing on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons. The strokes used are similar to those in a Swedish massage except more pressure is applied on the connective tissue and it uses cross grain strokes (goes against the gain of the muscles instead of with).

A Toxic Release

A common problem and cause for needing massage is when stressed muscles block nutrients and oxygen from getting in, causing inflammation that allows the toxins to build up in your muscle tissue.  This inflammation is a leading contribution to pain and stress.

The results of a deep tissue massage can help break up and eliminate the scar tissue, releasing the toxins by loosening your muscles. Once the toxins are released, oxygen and blood can circulate normally around your body.

The firm pressure applied forces the body to relax and increases the blood flow, ultimately flushing out your body’s toxins, improving body function and putting both your mind and body in a relaxed state.

Your Body’s Toxins (Yes We All Have Them!)

We all know a good detox can help in feeling revitalized and renewed, and a deep tissue massage is one of the most effective and healthiest ways to bring out a dynamic new you.

Most toxins that are released in your body are just the normal waste from regular cell activity; other toxins can be brought on by outside bacteria’s, poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. During their normal activities and metabolism, your body’s cells produce waste and emit this outside its cell membrane.

Through the movement of your muscles (and the application of deep tissue massage), these cells are pumped through your body and the fluid moved around. Naturally, the fluid is directed to the lymph system, your body’s second line of defense dealing with viruses and bacteria, where it gets collected, concentrated and dealt with.

Your body has its own natural self-cleaning, purifying systems and the best way to protect yourself from harmful toxins is to avoid taking them into your body and to keep these systems in good working order.

The Immediate Effects

Because this type of massage releases the toxins through your blood and lymphatic system, massage therapists will advise you to drink plenty of water after to help take the toxins out of your body.

When you receive a massage the cell waste in your system gets released at a quicker rate that normal. Because your body has to deal with the larger amounts at the same time, it can cause you to feel sore or tired after. This feeling will soon pass, leaving you to be toxic free and feeling rejuvenated.

A Healthier You

It’s not just the toxic bacterium that’s harmful to your body though, it’s the other toxic forms that are also developed like stress, emotional well-being and body function.

Deep tissue massage encourages relaxation; an effect that stays long after the massage is over and helps to promote deeper breathing, reduce chronic pain and strengthen your immune system.

Stress relief has been proven to promote more serotonin in your body, a hormone that is responsible for making you feel happy and content, making a massage the idea way to lower blood pressure, improve emotional health and ultimately achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Author Bio: This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Keturah, Australia’s award winning day spa offering relaxing and energizing treatments designed to cater for men and women.

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