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Healthy Diet Plans to Control Diabetes Naturally

Control diabetesDiabetes implies that the body is having a hard time regulating its blood sugar level. If your healthcare provider tells you that you’re already a diabetic or very close to it, this typically means that you need to change your habits quickly. Most people would guess that the biggest change in their life after being diagnosed with diabetes is the constant medication of synthetic drugs. However, there is another way of fighting back against diabetes and stopping it from worsening.

Natural Way to Fight Diabetes

It is no coincidence that most people who are suffering from diabetes are also obese. The disease boils down to certain parts of the body, whose duty is to regulate our overall blood sugar level, being overwhelmed. Although, this condition can be hereditary, people who have acquired it through a combination of inactivity and over consumption occurs far too common. Combined, these two habits cause a plethora of health problems, which includes diabetes. That is why when a person is diagnosed with this disease, they actually have to break the habits that aided diabetes to develop in their body as quickly as possible.

A Healthy Diet Can Manage Diabetes

Since it’s fairly well known that a person’s food consumption has a lot to do with diabetes, careful dieting could serve as a powerful natural medicine. Healthy diet plans could benefit those who are disciplined enough to stick with it because it’s an alternative to synthetic drugs. Following a well-balanced diet could relieve a patient with diabetes of not having to undergo expensive medication, which could also cause side effects. The popular diet Medifast has a special meal plan for diabetics as do many other top commercial diet companies.

Learn the Glycemic Index by Heart

A diet plan meant to subdue diabetes wouldn’t go very far if the patient doesn’t have knowledge of the GI (Glycemic Index). It’s basically a chart that makes the food to glucose conversion easier for people. Since, a diabetic would have to constantly keep an eye to his blood sugar or otherwise known as glucose level, knowing how much a certain food can affect that level before the patient eats it is critical.

Healthy Carbohydrates

It doesn’t automatically imply that if a person is diabetic, carbohydrates should be completely banished from his diet. There are forms of carbohydrates that are considered healthy. These are the types of carbohydrates that are classified as having a lower GI. Because of this, it takes longer for healthy carbohydrates to turn into glucose, which gives the patient ample of time to exercise or engage in an activity that would burn the what they’ve eaten. Nuts, beans, breads and most veggies are good example of foods that has healthy carbohydrates.

Avoid Cholesterol, Salt And Saturated Fats

Foods that contain cholesterol, salt and saturated fats should be taken away from a diabetic’s diet as much as possible. These substances are considered harmful because they are known to promote obesity. According to Harvard, 85% of people who has the disease are overweight. This means that not being able to control body weight is also increasing the chances of a person to have diabetes at a disturbing rate.

A Sample Diabetic Diet

Start your day with breakfast made up of fresh tomatoes, whole grains and steamed fish. Accompanying it with water should do the trick, but if you want juice, it’s advisable to go for unsweetened drinks or freshly squeezed fruit juice. For lunch, you can choose pasta or noodles, but it should always be accompanied with high fiber vegetables. Dinner could be a barbequed chicken with a mix of broccoli, spinach or leafy vegetables. Drinking two glasses of milk a day is a good idea as well.

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