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Healthy Foods for Your Whole Mouth

Healthy foodsIn order to prevent cavities, tooth enamel erosion, and tooth decay you should always practice good oral care and eat foods that are not only good for your health, but are equally as good for your mouth. Keeping in mind what you eat doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be on a diet, think of it as a daily regimen just as common as brushing your teeth. There are a lot of lengthy lists telling you what you should and should not be eating to protect your teeth but what about the rest of your mouth? Changes occur in your mouth as soon as you begin eating certain foods. The process of enamel erosion and eventually tooth decay stem from sugary and acidic foods that cause bacteria to attack your teeth. Not only do you need to consider what you are putting in your mouth, but you need to limit the frequency of snacking on these vicious foods. Here are some ideas for mouth healthy foods and drinks you can try substituting in your daily meals.

What to Eat?

Everyone knows the basics of not eating too many sweets, sugary sodas or acidic foods that can lead to tooth decay but what should we be eating and drinking? Start with your basic food groups. Dairy is one of the most necessary and nutrient-rich food groups you can have. Not only are dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt good for your health, but they are good for your oral care too. These foods contain calcium and phosphorus that have re-mineralizing power to restore tooth enamel. Protein is also a good source of thee nutrients which can be found in chicken and nuts.

You can also find great benefits from eating fruits and vegetables as long as they are not too high in sugar. A good rule of thumb is; the crunchier the better. Fruits like apples and pears contain high water content that dilute the negative effects from their ever-so-tasty sugary content. Veggies like celery and carrots are also great for your mouth because they stimulate the flow of saliva that wash away bacteria, acid and food particles. Other favorites like lemons and tomatoes that contain high amounts of acid should be eaten sparingly and with other mouth healthy foods that counter their impact on enamel erosion.

What to Drink?

Drinking beverages that are good for your mouth should always accompany your meals. Water is hands-down the best drink for your mouth and your body. Other great drink choices include milk and unsweetened tea. On top of the worst drinks list are coffee, soft drinks, and lemonade. Although you can still have these drinks in moderation, the sip-all-day, get-decay law still applies. The more often you enjoy these beverages, the more you are simply coating your teeth with sugar, creating the perfect haven for bacteria and other germs to thrive.

Keep your whole mouth protected by eating and drinking wisely with these tips. Your whole mouth will be healthier and you can keep your smile for much longer than expected.

About the author: This article was written on behalf of Bassett Creek Dental, a Minneapolis Dental Clinic giving you more reasons to smile.

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