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The Importance of Monitoring Your Respiratory Rate for Health and Fitness

Respiratory RateMost people know the importance of  heart rate and it is regularly monitored for health and fitness reasons. However, did you know that the respiratory rate is just as important as the heart rate?

Understanding Respiratory Rate

Respiratory rate is typically defined to be the number of breaths taken in per unit time, usually 60 seconds. Our respiratory rate is never constant and changes with different factors.  Emotional factors such as agitation, anger and crying may also cause an increase a person’s breathing rate, whereas calm situations such as when the person is asleep will result in a lower rate of respiration.  A number of medical conditions including fever may increase respiratory rate.

To derive health and fitness information from a parameter like respiratory rate, we often use the respiratory rate of an individual taken at rest. For healthy adults, normal respiratory rates between 10 to 20 breaths per minute are generally considered within the healthy range, with the average being between 12 to 18 breaths per minute.

The Importance of Monitoring your Respiratory Rate

Besides medical conditions, keeping track of respiratory rate is very vital to normal people like you and me as it gives a indication of our fitness level. In general, people with low respiratory rates at rest are considered to be fitter individuals.

A useful tool which allows you to keep track of your respiratory rate to will be the Tinké.

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