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Natural Remedies for Kidney Disease

kidney diseaseAs you may know, kidneys key function is to remove waste matter and regulate salt balance and blood pressure. When the kidneys fail to perform properly, they swell, and cause you to urinate excessively; not to mention cause cardio vascular complications including shortness of breath.

As a result, kidney disease can be very painful, and most common treatments call for dialysis. In fact it is very difficult to find a no-dialysis kidney healing program. However, a no dialysis program can help improve your kidneys naturally and easily, without the side-effects you experience with other dialysis-based programs. Below are a few no-dialysis kidney disease treatment secrets you can apply to help you maintain proper kidney functions and delay dialysis by years or avoid it outright.

Kidney Disease Treatment Secret #1: Eat Blueberries

Blueberries are delicious super foods loaded with special compounds that reduce inflammation and reverse free radical kidney cell damage. Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are reputed to decrease the rate of growth of cancerous tumors, and as such, are excellent foods to include on your renal diet list.

Kidney Disease Treatment Secret #2: Increase Dietary Fiber

The health benefits of dietary fiber are increasingly recognized. Specifically, dietary and supplemental fiber is used by Middle Eastern doctors to clear out potent kidney destroying toxins. Adding fiber to your diet helps keep your gastrointestinal functions at peak capacity, promotes regularity, prevents hemorrhoids and helps increase water in stool for easier bowel movements

Kidney Disease Treatment Secret #3: More Fish Oil

Kidney disease patients who are on dialysis often experience issues with chronic inflammation. The essential fatty acid fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its concentration of eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA

Kidney Disease Treatment Secret #4: No Red Meat

Red meat contains protein. When your body breaks down protein, it releases urea into your bloodstream. The kidneys are in charge of filtering urea from the blood and eject it through urine. However, when you have kidney disease, your kidney is unable to properly filter urea from your blood. If you suffer from kidney disease, you should avoid eating red meat because it is known to aggravate kidney disease.

Kidney Disease Treatment Secret #5: CoQ10 is Great

CoQ10 is a super nutrient that helps lower blood pressure, boost energy & focus, and alleviate kidney problems

Kidney Disease Treatment Secret #6: Vitamin D is your Friend

Consuming Vitamin D will help extend the life of your kidneys, reduce the progression of renal conditions, and improve bone and muscle strength.

Final Considerations

As you see, kidney disease can be treated naturally, and hopefully this article showed you how to improve your kidney functions with herbs and herbal treatments. Discover more by visiting and watch a free video that highlights 7 tips to a better kidney health.

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