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Removable Orthodontic Appliances

orthodontic appliancesRemovable orthodontic appliances for malocclusion treatment include:

Dental Gum Shields

These transparent dental gum shields align the denture, maintain the lip closure, eliminate breathing through the mouth, correct the lower jaw displacement forward and tongue laying between the teeth.


Removable orthodontic appliances include plates for the spatial interdental balance maintenance (temporary retainer, positioners, replacement plates, preventive dentures), which fill in and hold the places for early loss of deciduous teeth.

Periodontal trainers

Periodontal trainers (elastic positioners, miofunctional trainers, or elastic silicone gum shield) are designed for the night time wearing. These are aimed at the correction of malocclusion, breath rhythm and tongue functioning.

Removable Plate

Removable orthodontic appliances include removable Odnochelyustnye plate with artificial teeth (no screws) – to replace lost teeth, for the expansion and extension of the dentition.

Removable Single Jaw Plates

Removable single jaw plates with artificial teeth (with screws) are applied for the expansion and extension of the dentition as well as for the stimulation of jaw growth and the dental arch expansion.

Hinz Plates

Hinz plates are used for the prevention and correction the dentition deformities and malocclusion resulting from unhealthy habits (thumb sucking, lips biting, etc.);

Plates for the Tongue

Plates for the tongue muscle vestibular stimulation and the correction of speech disorders. These plates are worn at night and 1-2 hours during the day to secure the muscle memory.

Nowadays, there are many different orthodontic appliances that are not used 24 hours a day; they can be removed for some time. The correction of malocclusion with gum shields is one of the safest, most popular and most efficient modern method offered by Alaska dentists. Gum shields are individual orthodontic designs, the form of thin, transparent moulds that fit over the entire dentition. Gum shield structure design is installed in such way that the inner surface distributes certain pressure on the teeth and aligns them in the right direction. When the “certain stage” of gum shield correction has successfully passed, it is replaced with a smaller device.

The course of occlusion correction continues until the full alignment of the dentition. Today, this method invented by the American company Align Technology’s, is becoming more popular. This technique is not only more aesthetically pleasing than the bracers; it also significantly reduces the time of treatment. Gum shields do not rub the gums, do not interfere with chewing and pronunciation. There are materials for their renewal, such as special gel which, in its turn, whitens the teeth. If you are interested in installation of any aligning appliance and want make it safe, quick and at affordable pricing, you can search here and find a good specialist to help you gain an irresistible smile.

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