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10 Solid Ways to Burn your Body Fat

burn body fatGreat determination and perseverance pays off when trying to lose weight. Usually workout plans for Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph require different types of diet and exercises. Burn that fat that accumulated in your body for weeks and months. It takes more than just crunches to burn the fat. In a quest to lose more calories and to gain a slim body people surrender to crash diet which is the complete wrong way to go. Other end up spending hours every day at the gym. You need not spend all the time in the gym to burn fat off your body. There are many alternative ways to burn calories part from the usual workouts. Here are some simple ways to get rid of fat and shed calories in a much easier way:

1. Drinking green tea

Drinking green tea is one of the best possible ways to burn fat, and is considered a simpler and healthier approach for weight loss. The results may not be instant but in the long run you will find some noticeable changes in your diet.

2. Spinning

Spinning, the most amazing exercise routine is a wonderful way to burn calories and it keeps your muscles toned. Cycling, swimming and some other cardio vascular exercises are some of the best suggested routines to get burn fat. Remember you need not hit gym often when you practice these exercises.

3. Protein

Increase protein rich foods in your diet. Protein boosts your metabolism; helps maintain your muscle mass which ultimately results in shedding pounds of fat.

4. Low carb and bad fat

Avoid low carb diets and avoid bad fats. Reducing carbs lessens your intake of sugar and starches and this helps in burning fat. Consume carbs that are usually offered by oatmeal and vegetables that contain lots of fiber. And fiber helps burning calories more effectively.

5. Good fat

Eat foods that provide you good fats instead. This helps to burn fat in a much faster way, build muscles and recover faster from your heavy workout days. Opt for omega 3 fatty acids and nuts to incorporate good fat foods in your diet. Peanut butter, egg yolks, fish oil and olive oil are some of the good fat food sources.

6. Cut the alcohol

If you want your favorite meals to go straight to your hips drink water and not alcohol. Alcohol is responsible for slower metabolic rates and it slower the functions of central nervous system. Alcohol is known for its high- fat content, lest dietary fat and high calorie meal and is stored as fat in the body when consumed.

7. Stress less

Stress and strain may contribute to abdominal fat. Our body releases a hormone called cortisol when overstressed and it stimulates our appetite, slowdowns metabolism and increases fat storage inside the body. Overcome stress by involving yourself in healthy activities, and try some simple yogasanas that relieves stress and strain. Proper mediation and good sleep also helps in burning fat more easily.

8. Watch your menstrual cycles

Studies revealed that exercising during the alter phase of menstrual cycle sheds more weight than at any other time in your cycle. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone acts as a fat burning furnace and promote body fat as energy supplier and so more calories are burned off when you exercise post off the PMS.

9. Vary your calorie intake

Another way to outsmart your body fat and burn the calories off without lowering the metabolism is by varying the calorie intake. Instead of taking the same amount of calories everyday vary your calorie intake every now and then and keep up your starvation mode in check and burn fat.

10. Slow down your breathing

Slowing down your breath is one of the simplest methods to burn fat off. In the midst of doing anything, and if you feel tensed keep a check on how you are breathing. Consciously relax your belly and slow down your breathing when you become completely aware of how you are breathing. Slow down your exhalation rather than inhalation and it works best when done in a slow mode.

These are some simpler and easier ways to burn your body fat without actually hitting the gym.

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