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Things To Do and Not To Do on Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers-2In our modern day culture defined by fitness and beauty, many people have a love-hate relationship with their elliptical machine. On some days, it’s great, a terrific source of therapeutic exercise that helps you burn calories and look your best. On other days, it’s a representation of the sweat, exhaustion, and futility of trying to lose that weight before bikini season. Regardless of your personal bi-polar viewpoint towards elliptical trainers, they’re a staple of modern fitness, and reside in gyms and homes across the globe. We humans are intricate creatures, and that type of complexity is often channeled by our desire and ability to multi-task. This is a list of both things to do and not to do while on an elliptical.

Things To Do on Elliptical Trainers

Read a Book

You know that book you keep putting off reading?  Bust it out and get through a few chapters. Whether it’s overly eloquent literature for class, an action packed mystery novella, or a sappy romance novel involving supernatural creatures, reading a book is a great activity to partake in while exercising on your elliptical machine.

Listen to Music

Without motivation, exercise is drastically harder. It’s the difference between achieving workout goals on your elliptical or eating chocolate on the couch in front of your elliptical. In order to remedy this common problem, listening to music is highly recommended. The auditory stimulation can get you pumped up and help you endure that particularly difficult workout.

Watch TV

Watching television is often one of the main examples of human laziness, while exercising is pretty much the purest form of anti-laziness. Combine the two into one awesome package by watching a television while exercising on your elliptical trainer. Many modern day elliptical machines are outfitted with television displays, and if yours is an exception, surely there’s a nearby TV in your house/ gym that will suffice.


Socializing is a vital part of our daily lives, and it can be achieved while exercising on your machine as well.  Obviously, this is assuming that the person next to you is your friend or willing to chat with you. Attempting to talk with random strangers working out on the elliptical trainer next to you might not always turn out well.

Things Not To Do on Elliptical Trainers

No Cell Phones Please

Look, exercising requires mental concentration and focus; you need to be in the zone. Chatting on a cell phone eliminates that effect, and might be detrimental to your breathing in a difficult workout. Plus, for heaven’s sakes, don’t engage in emotionally poignant calls while on a machine, it’ll destroy your concentration and annoy those around you.

Hands off your Face

During a taxing workout, it’s natural to wipe your hands over your face to rid it of sweat. Yet, think for a moment: you’re holding onto handle bars that are germ-infested…try to literally and metaphorically sweat it out and wash your face later using more sanitary methods.

This is not a Competition

It’s natural to be competitive, and this primal trait is often enhanced while working out around others. It’s common for people to slyly glance at their neighbor’s machine and adjust their workout resistance/speed to match it. Exercising isn’t about competing; it’s rooted in achieving personal goals and objectives. Keep your eyes on your own machine and focus on you.

Don’t Forget to Wipe

When you’re done with your respective workout, don’t just grab your things and walk away. Be sure to do your part and briefly wipe down the handles. It’s common etiquette and the next person will appreciate it.

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