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5 Great Boxing Movies to Keep you Motivated

Million-Dollar-BabyIt’s great to be healthy but, to take the heat off and keep you motivated, it’s also good to watch films that are sport related.

Here are 5 great motivational boxing movies that I picked out for you to take a look at, enjoy!

1. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

This boxing film won 4 Academy awards and was pretty popular when it came out. It starred the legendary Clint Eastwood. Who would have known that he would make a great director, as well as a gun slinging cowboy? Other good performance come from the ever reliable Morgan Freeman and Hillary Swank.

Maggie Fitzgerald played by Hillary Swank is a poor 31-year old lady that wants to become a professional boxer? I know she’s a woman…anyways she manages to convince Clint Eastwood’s character Frankie Dunn, who is a boxing trainer to show her the ropes. Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris who is Morgan freemans charcter is the man responsible for spotting Maggies potential.

With hard work and determination Maggie actually ends up becoming one of the best boxers in one of the many boxing weight classes.

2. The Hurricane (1999)

This film stars the Father of all actors Denzel Washington, and he doesn’t disappoint in this one either.

Denzel plays Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who is a boxer that was wrongly imprisoned after being accused of murder. Before the hurricane is put in prison, his back story is that he was a troubled youth that reached a pivotal place in his career as a middle weight boxing contender.

Rubin’s life changes when a young boy reads his story and is able to see that he is innocent, from that point on. He and Rubin work together to free Rubin from prison. They soon uncover that the establishment has benefited from his imprisonment, as well as other interesting facts.

3. Resurrecting the Champ (2007)

A news reporter stumbles upon a man that he finds out is an ex-boxing legend that many thought was dead. Samuel L Jackson plays the Champ. Josh hartnett plays the reporter Erik Kernan Jr who discovers the Champ.

Eriks initial plan is to write a great story about a homeless person, that would take him out of the shadows of his father who is a successful writer. He soon finds himself examining his whole life, and what life actually means.

4. Girlfight (2000)

As the name suggests a female boxer is the focal point here. Diana played by Michelle Rodriguez, trains as a boxer secretly, without telling her father. She goes on to become very successful.

Her coach Hector is reluctant to train Diana, but eventually she convinces him. We also see the turmoil of her relationship with another male fighter that she develops feelings for.

5. Real Steel (2011)

This film is a little different from your traditional boxing film. The story is about boxing robots, and is surprisingly good, although it does star Hugh Hackman, who is a top actor.

The story is set in the future where boxing robots are all the rage, so much so that there are tournaments that you can enter with your boxing robot.

Charlie Kenton played by Hugh Hackman, a boxing robot controller finds an old robot that he sees potential in. At the same time Charlie finds out he has a son that wants to get to know him.

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