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Diet Plans For Female Boxers

female boxerBoxing is not just about punching your opponent with brutality, it’s a lifestyle. Female boxers these days live it. It’s a sport that goes beyond endurance. Only a special diet with healthy calories  can help you cope with the challenges of this sport. Honestly, not every girl has the guts to take powerful punches and still stand tall without losing focus. Let’s find out what’s so special in their diet that makes them excel in this ferocious sport.

Generic meal Plan

I refer to it as the generic meal plan because it applies to all female boxers who have just stepped into the world of boxing. For a glorious battle in the ring, female boxers must take a plate full of healthy calories and they must do it six times a day. That’s a surprising number because dieticians focus on three meals in a day.

However, those 6 meals should be smaller than the average three meals. Almost 3 of those six meals should have protein and one carbohydrate. The breakfast must have one serving of egg white along with a fruit such as banana or apple. A low-sugar and low-fat protein shake can be the second meal followed by chicken and broccoli in lunch. Intermittent snacking is recommended for female boxers with higher caloric requirements. Salmon and salad will make a good addition to dinner followed by a healthy supper.

No need to count carbs

Almost all diet plans, including weight loss and weight gain, insist that carbs are not good. In an endurance sport like boxing, this is far from true. All female boxers must take 40 to 55 percent of their calories from carbs. However, the key here is to find the right types of carbohydrates. Instead of white bread or sugary cereals, the boxers should get their carbs from oatmeal.

Extra pack of protein

Every athlete needs an extra pack of protein for muscle development and repair. Boxing is an endurance sport. A boxer needs to build strong muscles so that they don’t collapse after taking a few hits. Protein is not an instant source of energy during a fight but is essential for speeding recovery. After an intense training routine, a boxer needs lean protein to build muscle mass.

Lean protein sources include fish, chicken, turkey, tuna, beef and eggs. All female boxers need at least 2 to 3 servings of protein in a day. The amount in one serving is equal to the size of your fist. This is just a measure of how much protein is needed to stay fit for training. The number of serving can further be increased depending upon the intensity of training.

Diet prior to the fight

Starch foods are a big no for the boxers on the day of the fight. Hence, the female boxer has to ditch some beans and vegetables and rely on alternative sources of energy. Simplified carbs in fruits, smoothies and energy drinks will furnish instant calorie requirements during the day. Since they require less energy to get digested, the boxer will have a store of substantial energy for the fight.

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