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Exercising to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

boost your testosteroneTestosterone is a hormone vital to both men and women. It is important to the development of muscle mass and improves bone density. At the same time, a deficiency of testosterone can lead to numerous problems including depression, obesity, osteoporosis and low sex drive. Any imbalance of your body’s hormones can cause problems, and the relation between testosterone and estrogen is no exception.

There are numerous medicinal methods available to bolster one’s testosterone levels including pills, topical solutions and injections – but these methods are only some of the options open to exploration. It is also possible to boost your testosterone in the most natural way possible – through simple physical exercise.

Do Some Sprinting

Studies demonstrate that sprinting can boost your testosterone levels. A workout based around short but intense sprints – especially when combined with a weightlifting regimen – is most highly recommended.

The most effective way to incorporate this into a testosterone-boosting strategy is to perform five to ten sprints of less than fifteen seconds each. Allowing for a recovery period between repeats equal to about four times the length of time actually sprinted. It is best to do this two or three times a week (ideally on days between weightlifting).

Try Lifting Weights

Lifting free weights is perhaps the most effective method to naturally boost testosterone levels in the body. While there are many different ways to approach this, the recommended method is to practice full body exercises like deadlifts and bench presses, performing a number of lifts equal to 85-95 percent of your maximum safe number per repetition (1RM).

Take Advantage of Rest Periods

Similarly, studies have found that longer rests in between weight lifting sets can also help to boost your testosterone. It is likely that this merely serves a pragmatic purpose – the more you rest during a workout, the more endurance you will have and the more sets you will be able to perform.

A rest period of two minutes or so between sets is a good idea. Not only will this allow you to lift for longer periods of time, but you can fill those longer rests with other activities like stretching, or even exercising other muscle groups.

Force a few Reps

A forced rep is when, after performing your maximum number of weight lifting exercises per set, you have someone assist you with performing a few additional reps (even as few as one or two). Performing a forced rep at the end of an exercise can help boost your testosterone.

For example, try performing a set of barbell squats, then performing another set with a weight which you can lift on your own four to five times, but for which you might need assistance with an additional three (your assistant can be a partner, personal trainer or simply someone from the gym).

Skip Excessive Cardio

Experts have found a correlation between low testosterone and cardio-heavy endurance exercises such as cycling. Many experts believe this is because athletes who rely on cardio workouts are actually granted a competitive advantage by their lower testosterone levels, as muscle bulk could actually slow them down. However, unless you’re participating in a sport like cycling, this is not an advantage.

By incorporating these simple solutions into your existing regimen, you will be able to easily and naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels, which will lead not only to a more successful workout, but can afford your body numerous health benefits.

About the Author: David Green works for a Denver low testosterone doctor.  He helps educate men about the various treatment options available to them.  If you want to learn more about this Denver men’s health clinic, visit the website.

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