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Houseplants and Your Health: Improving Air Quality

Improving Air QualityIt’s no secret that pollution has reduced the quality of air outdoors, but did you know the same thing is happening inside your home? Toxins from chemical-based cleaners, dust and circulated dirt from your furniture and carpet combine in the air to create poor air quality.

While air purifiers may help, they also pump out more chemicals. Instead, take a note from Mother Nature: green is the greatest.

Houseplants are the HVAC of Nature

A clean A/C unit is working hard to combat your allergies by keeping the clean air inside your home at a perfect temperature. Don’t make it work harder: give it a break by adding houseplants and effectively reducing your pollution.

Plants are the oxygen-producing plants of Mother Nature: they suck in all the bad air and clean it before pumping it back out. Instead of using harsh chemicals to purify the air, it’s an all-natural process that only requires a little light and water from you. In addition to a free cleaning, plants add a touch of green and color to your home. With all of these benefits, how could you say no?

Which Houseplants Improve Air Quality?

Each person is unique, and may have different allergies. Use caution when you select which types of green you bring into your home, but also keep in mind how much care they may need.

Aloe Vera is a sun-loving succulent plant that is fairly easy to maintain. In addition to helping clean the air, it also produces gel that can help heal cuts and burns—not to mention other clever uses.

Spider plants are also neglect-resistance plants that produce tiny white flowers and combats even carbon monoxide. And don’t worry—it was named for its long green tendrils, not for any attraction to insects!

Peace lilies are another beautiful, low-maintenance option that works hard to keep your air fresh and clean.

If you prefer more color, bring in Gerber daisies or Chrysanthemums. These bright flowers come in a variety of colors so it can look good even while it cleans.

Golden pothos is a fast-growing vine that’s perfect for a hanging basket, and azalea is a beautiful flowering shrub that thrives in cooler conditions.

Find a place in your bathroom for English Ivy, as it was shown to reduce airborne fecal-matter particles.

Depending on your home’s needs and the amount of time you have, there’s a right plant for you. Do a little research and consult the vast intelligence of the Internet if you’re having trouble selecting the right plant. Finally, know you can breathe easy as Mother Nature is working for you!

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