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Pay as You Go: Private Healthcare with No Strings Attached

private healthcareBecause of the quality and ubiquity of NHS care in the UK many people consider private healthcare the domain of people wealthy enough to pay out for private medical insurance. For many people it seems like too much money to be paying out each month for things that might never happen, and after all if you do get sick then the NHS is there for you. But you can get all the benefits of private healthcare by accessing the services on a pay as you go basis. Here are some advantages of private healthcare

Shorter Waiting Lists

There are many advantages to choosing private healthcare as a pay as you go patient. The first of which is that by opting to go private you can bypass lengthy waiting lists for diagnosis, consultations and treatments. The NHS (National Health Service) provides a comprehensive range of health services which are free at the point of use for people legally resident in the United Kingdom. This system has a lot to deal with so sometimes for non-urgent problems there can be a long wait, so choosing pay as you go private healthcare can help speed things up.

Individualized Nature of the Treatment

One of the defining features of private healthcare is the individualized nature of the treatment you receive. Because the NHS has to be all things to all people it can mean that the patient experience isn’t always personal. Private healthcare providers can offer patient-centered care that takes into account the individual nature of your problem. You’ll often have a dedicated nursing team dealing with your from initial arrival, through to your post-op recovery and check out and you’ll also have a private room instead of sharing a ward with other patients.

Expert Care

Like the NHS, private hospitals have to meet incredibly stringent levels of care so you can be assured that every member of the team is an expert. Private healthcare providers also invest in cutting edge medical technology and equipment to ensure that you’re getting the best possible treatment every step of the way.

Fixed Prices for Treatments

Pay as you go also means you get given one fixed price for your treatment. You’ll usually have to pay separately for your initial consultation and any tests that are required to give a full diagnosis (such as X-Rays), but then you’ll be given a price that covers everything, from surgery and drugs to food and follow-up consultations. This means you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will cost and don’t need to worry about your insurance not covering aspects of your care.

Greater Choice of Procedures and Treatments

Another great plus of private healthcare is that it gives you access to procedures and treatments that may not be available on the NHS. Pay as you go private healthcare means you get that greater choice without the burden of regular insurance payments.

Don’t think of private healthcare as something other people have. You can benefit from it too if you opt for pay as you go treatment.

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