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Do Not Take Green Coffee Bean Extract

coffee bean extractGreen coffee bean extract has become yet another popular weight loss diet, thanks to the endorsement of celebrity talk show host, Dr. Oz. The supplement promises to help you lose weight by simply taking an easy-to-swallow capsule with a full glass of water, 30 minutes before eating. According to the claims, just follow this simple plan and in a few short weeks you’ll be noticeably slimmer.

Is this really a weight loss miracle or just another fad?

On the episode, titled “Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Fat Burner That Works!” Dr. Oz referred to the extract as, “The most important discovery” in the fight against fat. He continued to state that, “This miracle pill can burn fat fast, for anyone who wants to lose weight.”

These are bold statements, but backed by various clinical studies that indicate that there is a strong relationship between taking green coffee bean extract and weight loss. Most recently, the journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity reported that participants in their study lost an average of about 18 pounds. This was accomplished without any significant changes to diet or exercise, and without any reported side effects.

 How does this fat-burning supplement work?

Research suggests that it is not the caffeine that produces weight loss, but rather an important chemical that exists in raw, unroasted coffee beans called chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee beans refer to unroasted seeds of the Coffea fruit. These beans have a unique property, in that they are a rich source of chlorogenic acid – the key fat burning ingredient. When the seeds become roasted for traditional coffee consumption, the chlorogenic acid is almost entirely reduced. For this reason, green coffee beans are necessary in order to properly obtain the compound.

Studies show that chlorogenic acid accelerates weight loss by slowing the absorption of fat from the food you eat, while activating the metabolism of extra fat. It is this fat-busting combination that allows people to experience significant weight loss.

Tips for buying green coffee bean extract

nutrispring green coffee bean extractThere are a number of options when it comes to buying green coffee bean extract, but it is important to know exactly what you are getting.  Many cheap products exist that will not provide much, if any, weight loss benefit, so quality plays a major role.

Most importantly, look at the label on the bottle. The clinical study mentioned above used an ingredient called GCA (green coffee antioxidant). This is an important ingredient because it is a 100% pure form of green coffee bean extract, and also includes antioxidants that have additional health benefits.

It is also important to make sure the product you use includes 45% or more chlorogenic acid. Many supplements will say their supplement contains chlorogenic acid without much description. If the label does not mention the exact amount, chances are it is a small amount.

There is no research showing that lower amount of chlorogenic acid have any weight loss benefit, so it is important to choose a product that contains 45% or more chlorogenic acid.

Also look to make sure there are no additional ingredients. Premium green coffee bean extract will not include any binders, fillers or artificial ingredients. If other ingredients exist, there is a good chance it is included to reduce the amount of high-quality ingredients needed to experience the full benefit of green coffee bean extract.

Lastly, the dosage amount should be substantial. The minimum dosage should be 400 mg per a capsule, but more is better.

Strong scientific research supports green coffee bean extract as a safe, effective and all-natural weight loss supplement. But do not buy before taking the time to read the label to make sure it meets all of the requirements necessary to be considered a quality product.

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