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How Technology can Get you Through your Time in a Cast

Cast-1Being in a cast is a far more distressing and upsetting experience than most of us realize. Until it happens to you, you will likely think of it as a minor annoyance more than anything else. But then actually try being in a cast, and you’ll find that it really is far more than a mere ‘nuisance’ as it leaves you reliant on others, unable to do the things you enjoy, and in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort.

In such a scenario you need all the help you can get, and anything that could make your experience a little easier and a little less stressful would of course be welcome. And if you happen to have access to some technology, then there’s many ways that this might be able to help. Read on to see how you can use your tech to get you through this difficult period in your life…

Creativity and Productivity

Cast-2Computers and similar devices are incredibly tools for creativity and productivity, allowing us to publish our writing online, to create incredible works of art, and even to set up and run entire businesses (you can make a lot of money online and this can help if you’re spending time unable to work). If you have any pet project then, this is probably the perfect time to start work on it. Sure, writing a novel with one hand may be a little bit tricky, but for just about anything else your temporary disability will actually be useful in helping you to stay focused and avoid distractions. When you’re bed ridden for hours it suddenly becomes much easier to work on that website you’ve been thinking about or to write a few extra words of your novel.

And it doesn’t have to stop at personal projects either. If you want to do something really useful with your time, then why not use the time to learn a new skill or to research a topic that interests you? You could even use the time to do some real studying and try taking an online course for instance. There are plenty of options.


If you find yourself wanting to do something a bit more relaxed when you’re stressed and injured (understandably so perhaps), then you might want to consider playing some games which can provide a fantastic form of escapism for someone who is bed ridden. You may be unable to go out and play football for real, but if you have an Xbox 360 controller in your hands then you can play a virtual version of it that will help a great deal.

Computer games are also becoming much more immersive and much more distracting as time goes on. You don’t have to stop at Fifa – why not play some Skyrim and truly lose yourself in another world? Or World of Warcraft where you can chat with friends and even meet strangers. This is the sort of thing that would have been impossible a decade ago if you broke a limb. While this is all pretty impressive though, technology is only likely to improve in this capacity in the coming years. The Oculus Rift for instance might be able to create the illusion of really being in another place – enough to let you forget your discomfort altogether.


Cast-reabilitationTechnology isn’t only useful as a distraction though, it can also be useful therapeutically and for rehabilitation. Anything fitness related for instance, whether it’s an ab belt or Wii Sports – can help you to regain muscle tone in your body to help you deal with any muscle that might have wasted away during your time in bed. Likewise you can also use technology as a way to chart your progress and recovery, to set goals for yourself and to help you work towards them.

Finally, technology can even help with pain relief. If you have lower back pain for instance, then a tens machine can be useful for dulling the pain by sending interfering signals to the surrounding nerves.

So yes, recovering from a broken bone is a painful, upsetting and highly stressful experience. But at least you’re doing it in the 21st century when there’s all this technology to help you through it!

Author Bio: Today’s post has been authored by Jack Turner. He works at Freedom Lift Systems which provides installation services for porch lifts. His hobbies include painting and calligraphy.

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