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Top Vitamins and Supplements for Fitness

vitamins and supplementsFitness levels are an important aspect of athletic performance and everyday life. A proper exercise and nutritional routine can provide the vitality needed for better quality of life. Achieving enhanced fitness is facilitated by key vitamins and supplements. From faster muscle recovery for effective workouts, to balancing hormone levels with natural testosterone boosters for muscle mass; supplementation is a crucial part of fitness health.

While fitness goals vary, there are certain vitamins and supplements that provide benefits to fitness regimens of all sorts. These fitness staples can be found in either whole foods or convenient over the counter supplements. Essential vitamins and supplements for fitness include:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that boosts immunity and prevents free radical damage to healthy cells. This essential vitamin also increases collagen, which is connective muscle tissue that repairs tendons and blood vessels. By the way click here to find the best collagen supplements before a work out.

The lactic acid buildup that stymies muscle recovery following workouts is also flushed out by Vitamin C, allowing for increased workout intensity. Raspberries, pineapples, citrus fruits and sweet potatoes are among the foods that contain ample amounts of Vitamin C. Scores of supplements in various forms are also readily available.

Testosterone Boosters

Adequate testosterone levels are crucial to physical and mental fitness. Men and women both experience varying drops in this important hormone over time. However, people of all ages can suffer from the depression, reduced libido and low energy that low testosterone can cause.

Naturally formulated testosterone supplements help balance hormone levels, along with better maintaining muscle mass and bone density. This enables workouts to be more effective in adding strength and can guard against the onset of osteoporosis. A testosterone booster containing natural compounds such as gamma oryzanol and maca root offer added mood enhancing endorphins for emotional wellness.

B Vitamins

8 vitamins comprise the B complex, which aids the body perform a slew of functions. Eating foods or supplements that contain B vitamins helps with protein and carb synthesis to maximize nutritional intake. Conversely, a B complex deficiency can slow muscle recovery and prolong soreness following activity.

Green leafy vegetables such as Kale and Swiss chard are chock full of B Vitamins. B Vitamins can also be found in whole grains, salmon, dates and pomegranates. A slew of B vitamin supplements in the form of capsules and powders are also readily available.


The required or desired level of fitness greatly depends on lifestyle factors and personal preferences. Despite these broad parameters, a general sense of well-being that includes energy and focus are common denominators for most definitions of fitness. Supplements such as testosterone boosters along with Vitamins C and B can help boost fitness levels for all stages of the life cycle.

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