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20 Facts About Smoking

Second hand smoking

1.  In the U.S., about 9 million persons have a serious illness caused by cigarette smoking

2.   For each individual who dies from a cigarette smoking-related illness, there are twenty more who are going thru a serious disease that has something to do with smoking

3.   In 2010, 19% of Americans eighteen and older were cigarette smokers

4.   20% of U.S. deaths every year are associated with smoking.

5.   Tobacco use is the number one preventable cause of death

6.   Each cigarette you smoke reduces your expected live span by 11 minutes

7.   The Center of Disease Control estimates that female smokers lose an average of 14.5 years of their lives due to smoking, compared to 13.2 years for their male counterparts.

8.   First hand smoking contains more than 4,800 chemicals. 69 of those cigarette chemicals have been documented to cause cancer.

9.   Worse than the above, second hand smoking is the source of 7,000 chemicals. 70 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer

10.  Every day, 3,800 American teens (less than 18 years old) start smoking their first cigarette

11. Every day, 1,000 American teens start smoking on a daily basis

12. In 2013, states are projected to collect $26 billion from tobacco taxes (including legal settlements), but these states are spending less than 2% of that amount (or less than 52 million) on tobacco control programs

13. Investing 15% of the above 26 billion (or $3.9 billion) can help fund every state tobacco control program at levels recommended by the Center of Disease Control

14. Every year, approximately 46,000 people in the U.S. (who are non-smokers) die from heart disease associated with second hand smoking

15. Smoking increases your risk of lung disease such as emphysema, pneumonia, and chronic bronchitis

16. A little over 2/3 of smokers  want to completely quit smoking

17. Number of total cigarettes smoked worldwide every day = 15 billion

18. Believe it or not, Hitler spearheaded the first public anti-smoking campaign in our modern history

19. Smoking close to an Apple computer voids the warranty of the computer

20. Finally, breathing air in Mumbai for just one day equates to smoking one hundred cigarettes!!

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