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3 Beauty Treatments that May Turn Dangerous

For many of us, both men and women, a trip to the salon or spa is something which we look forward to and generally, tend to enjoy. We spend our hard earned money on products and treatments to help us look and feel younger, healthier, fitter, and generally happier as a whole. For that very reason, when we tend to hand over our hard earned money in exchange for beauty treatments and procedures, we never imagine for one single solitary second, that we may be putting ourselves at risk and in danger. The truth of the matter is however, that in some instances, we are doing just that. Some of the more common and popular beauty procedures and treatments, often have pretty common risks and dangers to our health. Some of these risks and dangers are just mild, such as perhaps a slight cut or graze, whilst others can quite literally be life threatening.

Ear Candles

ear candlesOne of the most common beauty treatments that tends to turn sour, is the use of ear candles. Ear candles are used to help treat and remove build ups of excess ear wax. They are exactly as they sound, they are hollow coned shaped candles, which are inserted into the ear, and then lit on fire. They are supposed to remove excess ear wax and blockages, as well as help hearing, and whilst they are effective at doing just that, they are also extremely dangerous. Not surprisingly, if you insert something into your ear and set fire to it, you stand a good chance of being burnt, and that’s exactly what often happens. Sometimes the ear drum even becomes perforated and damaged. The key thing to remember here is to use only highly trained and highly qualified beauticians.

Skin Laser Treatment

skin laser treatmentA skin laser treatment can be used for all sorts of conditions, but it is mainly prescribed to help tackle spots and acne, as well as acne scarring. The trouble is that this treatment is actually pretty dangerous in itself. Often people tend to experience soreness, redness, and itching after laser skin treatment. Not only that, but often it can irritate the skin so much, that acne and spots can return even stronger and more prominent than they were previously. Your skin is also at risk of becoming burnt by the laser, and it could even scar, so again, only use reputable companies.

Gel Manicures

get manicuresThis is a particularly worrying treatment that has the potential to become fatal. In order to have a gel manicure carried out, the hands need to be placed into a special machine, which shines UV light rays onto it. UV rays have the potential to cause skin cancer, which as you already probably know, is extremely serious indeed. The best advice in this instance would be to avoid the treatment altogether, or at the very least only have it carried out now and then, and certainly not regularly.

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