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Is Cardio Barre a Fad? 5 Reasons This New Workout is Here to Stay

Is Cardio Barre A FadExercise fanatics have tried it all, from pilates to spinning classes. There is always a new exercise class to explore, love or loathe. Even if you are a beginner at exercising, Cardio Barre offers benefits for your body to improve cardiovascular fitness and your overall shape. Experienced exercisers will also be challenged with this unique class. There are several reasons why this workout is here to stay.

What is it Exactly?

Much like a ballet class, Cardio Barre uses the ballet bar as a support. Holding onto the bar, you perform strength, stretch and cardiovascular activities to work up a sweat. Classes last about 50 to 60 minutes.

You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Exercises are typically divided between strength and cardiovascular activities. Jogging exercises your heart, but you don’t develop any substantial muscle unless you have resistance through weight training. Cardio Barre uses one to three pound dumbbells for certain exercises, as well as body weight training. Your body weight is the dumbbell, if you are positioned correctly. Cardiovascular activity comes in with the pace of each Cardio Barre exercise, even if it is technically a resistance move.

Work all Body Parts in an Hour

As you hold the ballet bar, your arm, shoulder and back muscles are working, along with your abdominal muscles. If you lift your leg, for example, you incorporate leg muscles with the rest of your body. Working all of your muscles in a one-hour period gives you the strength to continue on to the next class with more intensity.

Balance is Not Necessary

If you are prone to imbalance and injuries, Cardio Barre keeps you supported throughout the exercise. Although you do release the bar periodically, it is always within arm’s reach to keep you safe from injury.

No Impact Exercises

Even if you wear the best kinesio tape available, some high-impact exercises are off-limits to injured people. Cardio Barre uses smooth, flowing actions to work your heart and muscles. There are no jumps that can hurt your body.

It Corrects Posture

Slouching and poor posture plague many people because they do not exercise their core muscles. For an entire hour each session, Cardio Barre ensures that you use your core, including the back and abdominals. As you get stronger, your torso naturally straightens into good posture. You don’t even notice that you are standing or sitting straight.

Cardio Barre is here to stay. With intense workouts shielding you from balance issues and high impact injuries, you are sure to stay in shape with this workout choice.

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