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Dietary Supplements – Do We Need Them?

black seed productsToday, almost everyone is encountering commercials and other advertising about dietary supplements. This begs the question, “do we really need dietary supplements?”

Do we need dietary supplements?

To help answer this question, we have to understand what’s in our diet? In the past, before the increased addition of chemical fertilizers and GMOs, farmers were able to produce natural organic crops large enough for our community, even our city or state! Those days are gone with the advent of globalization, where we are now importing produces from all over the world and along with that, the widespread diseases that comes with that importing country’s herbage. Think about it, dairy foods or vegetables can only be as good as the source in which they came from and today’s farmers will tell you, their soil is no longer able to produce as it used to. This can explain why farmers are forced to use chemicals and in turn we injest those chemicals.

Where’s the food coming from?

So, while those young and healthy people out there think that taking dietary supplements is not for them, they may want to think about what they are actually eating and where they are getting their produce from. Is it infested with chemicals? How long was it stored as storage severely decreases the nutritional value.

Nutritional vs dietary supplement

For those who wish to remain healthy and are convinced that a dietary supplement, in addition to a healthy lifestyle is a no-brainer, you will need to decide whether to choose a nutritional dietary supplement or an herbal supplement. Today, more and more healthcare professionals are encouraging the use of supplements, especially for common ailments.

If you’re on the fence, still deciding whether your diet alone or your excellent health condition will remain intact, you may want to do some more research into natural herbal remedies for today’s ailments.

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