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Five Steps to Take Before Your Next Surgery

how to prepare for surgeryIf you know that you have a surgery procedure looming on the horizon, there are simple steps you can take to prepare. Make your life easier, spare yourself headaches, and pave the path to a speedy recovery. Try the five following steps before you actually head in for that operation.

Ask Questions about Your Procedure

Don’t walk into the hospital with no clue what the surgeon is going to do to you. Get all of the important details first. Generally, doctors will supply you with a pamphlet about your surgery. You can also look online for a host of resources. You should always know exactly what to expect.

Be Good to Yourself

Make sure you get plenty of rest at least a week before surgery. Eat healthy foods, and stay well hydrated. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Most importantly, follow all of your surgeon’s pre-surgery instructions.

Plan on Getting Help

This is not the time to be stubborn and independent. Enlist someone you can count on to help take care of you after surgery. You’re likely to need someone to be with you for twenty-four hours after the procedure if it is outpatient. Regardless of when you come home, you will have restrictions and need a helping hand. Give yourself a break, and get the rest that you need. Don’t forget to get all your other obligations covered so you aren’t floundering with your responsibilities while trying to recover.

Make Sure You Have Transportation

No matter what kind of procedure is approaching, you will need transportation. Line up a friend or family member to get you to and from the hospital. Keep in mind that you may need a vehicle that is easy to get in and out of as well.

Make Preparations at Home

Think ahead about what you will need at home upon your return. Stock your cupboards, including the types of foods you are allowed to eat, and are easy to prepare. Change your bedding, give the house a thorough cleaning, and have medicine on hand as well. Check into details about your laboratory billing with the use of innovative software to make sure there are no surprises after your surgery is said and done. The night before your surgery, follow dietary restrictions, bathe thoroughly, and rest up.

Plan ahead for your surgery and the process will go much more smoothly. You will know what is coming and be ready for what lies ahead. But most of all don’t stress too much. Your surgery is nothing to worry about when you have a plan in place.

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