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Groove it to Lose it: 6 Dances to Help You Lose Weight

Aerobics danceAre you getting chubby around the edges? Obesity is a problem for many people around the world. If it isn’t taken care off in the early stages then it can get out of hand. In extreme cases you may even have to undergo surgery to get rid of the fat. The only time you should go under the knife is when you have a life threatening tumor inside you, not when you’ve had too much to eat. It’s better to forego the fried chicken than to have it carved out of you. Dancing is an easy way of losing excess weight and the following dances can help you achieve a toned body.

Street dancing

For those of you who are still young at heart street dancing can be your calling. Haven’t any of the ‘Step Up’ movies inspired you to take it up? Back in its glory days if you took a walk down the street you’d find dozens of dancers trying to invent their own moves. Even today the culture hasn’t died down and there are probably many underground competitions taking place in your own neighborhood. If you want to lose weight while earning some street cred, then it’s time to step up.


Who doesn’t remember Al Pacino doing the tango with Gabrielle Anwar in ‘Scent of a Woman’? Hell, it even won him his first Oscar. You may not have the beautiful Gabrielle Anwar dancing with you, but tango can be fun without her as well. Who knows, one day you may visit a restaurant and find her sitting there all by her lonesome waiting for someone. Only if you know how to tango can you even think of asking her for a dance. Losing weight with Gabrielle Anwar doesn’t sound bad at all. Remember that it takes two to tango, so make sure you have a partner to practice.


Tango is great, but what is equally riveting is the salsa. You’ll lose weight by the minute in this dance performance. It’s time to burn the midnight oil and visit some night clubs. You can find some exclusively for salsa. Sweat will roll down your temple just watching the dancers perform. However, you’ll not get anywhere by just observing. You need to get in on the action. You work all day at the office, then why waste more time in the gym? You can unwind and lose weight at the same time by dancing the night away.

Belle dancing

It isn’t easy shaking those hips, but if you do, those hips will work themselves out. You’ll be the object of every man’s desire if you can belle dance. No more lonely Friday nights for you when you can shake your hips like that. Yoga is for women who are past their prime. Don’t waste your time on a mat trying to get your leg over your head. Belle dancing is cool, fun and all so alluring. People will forget Shakira after you dazzle them with your moves.


What better way to lose weight than aerobics? There’s a reason those CD’s sell like hot cakes, because they work. It’s the humble union of exercise and dance. It keeps you fit and entertained at the same time. Just think of the aerobics instructor as a dance physio. You can participate in a large group or follow the instructional video within the confines and luxury of your home. It may seem a bit out of fashion but who cares as long as your body is benefiting from it. The seventies wasn’t such a bad period that you can’t emulate it.

Ballet dancing

You’ve probably seen ballet dancers on TV if not in real life. It’s hard to take your eyes off them, isn’t it? Man, are they in great shape or what? No fat folds are jumping out of their costume. They work very hard to maintain that incredible physique, that’s for sure. If you’ve got the patience and determination for ballet, it comes highly recommended. It can be an alternate career path as well.

With so many dances to choose from there’s no excuse to stay overweight anymore. Start tapping those feet right now and burn those calories away.

About the Author: Jake Denver, works at BodyWise Physiotherapy, a leading clinic which offers specialized sports physiotherapyin Perth. He is also an active environmentalist and he helps out in local cleanliness drives.

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