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How to Make your Personal Trainer Business more Versatile

personal trainersEarning a good living as a personal trainer used to be relatively uncomplicated – you networked or tied up with major gyms in your area, found well-to-do clients who needed to get buff or to lose weight and earned a steady $100 an hour. Since the recession, though, there are fewer people who can afford personal trainers and more personal trainers. To find success today, you need new skills.

Some personal trainers get by because they charge less. Others though, have learned to change their entire business model to survive. Today, YouTube and YouTube Downloader are at the center of many a personal trainer’s service delivery model.

The new trend is great for personal trainers, not for the workout video industry

In the past, if a person wanted to work out at home and didn’t want to pay for a personal trainer, buying a workout video by a famous name like Jane Fonda was the natural choice. These videos, though, usually only offer one-size fits all generic workouts. People are more interested in personal training today – workouts that speak to their specific needs. When they turn to YouTube, they see video channels that offer them hundreds of workouts for specific needs – to get calves like a popular Victoria’s Secret model has or a waist like Mila Kunis.

People have literally hundreds of specific needs. Some want to know how to lose fat with a workout that involves no jumping (because they live in an apartment and the people below complain). Some want a specific way to lose the fat  burn off the calories that they have just gained with a Starbucks latte. To have a different personal trainer each week offering exercises that address a specific need can be invigorating. People just download the videos they need, play them on their phones and work out to them.

To be successful, personal trainers need to be versatile and offer what the market demands

YouTube offers thousands of personal trainers with attractive new videos each day. If you are a personal trainer trying to get started, you can find it difficult to even be found. You need to learn a few new skills.

To begin, you need to find a great angle for a new video. You can keep an ear to the ground and learn what people really want. It could be that they want to stay fit with the new Miley Cyrus dance move called twerking sensationalized by Miley Cyrus. They could want entertaining workouts to do with knee arthritis or arthritis of the neck. You need to learn how to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out what kind of exercise searches people are performing on Google.

Getting found on YouTube

Once you develop an entertaining exercise routine for the specific need that you’ve discovered, you need to make it findable on YouTube. Whatever specific search words you found on the AdWords Keyword Planner tool, you need to use the exact words in the title of your video, in the description and also in the script. Google keeps record of all the important, niche-specific words and phrases that you use in your YouTube upload and matches them to people’s searches.

These steps only scratch the surface of what you can do to get found on YouTube. You need to read up on search engine optimization (SEO) for YouTube. When you become truly popular on YouTube or through word of mouth, you might be able to can make a steady income, including by making sure that your videos  on advertising or even through directing people to your own personal training website where you take on students to train through Skype for a fee.

Rounding out your YouTube offering with extras

It takes true engagement to be successful as a personal trainer in the YouTube age. To simply offer your followers on YouTube a training program may not be enough. You need to actually act like their personal trainer. To make your followers see that you are constantly with them, you need to help them out with detailed nutritional advice – if you are qualified to give that kind of advice –  and ideas for simple exercise routines that they can perform throughout the day at work.

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About the Author: Paul Moss is a personal trainer. He loves sharing his business building tips with other personal trainers on startup blogs.

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