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Why Reiki Healing is Important

reiki healingThe words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ combine to form the word “Reiki”. ‘Rei’ is the Universe’s healing energy, and the energy within is ‘Ki’. Therefore, Reiki is the universe’s healing energy’s transformation into the energy within. This is why the energy healing therapy of Reiki is usually done through the channeling of the energy by hand laying. The therapist causes the force of the energy of the universe to be transmitted into the body of the recipient through his hands. Many higher methods of Reiki healing make the energy available through the eyes.

Energy is the major material which forms every matter in the universe, surrounding both living and non-living things. At the same time, the earth itself is full of energy believed to be infinite in abundance, with a lot of positive healing forces.

The Healing

A Reiki healing session is necessary if you want to enjoy its benefits. Starting the session, you will lie on a table or sit on a chair, without the need to remove your clothes. In most cases, therapists offer Reiki through non-invasive, light touch with the hands of the practitioner placed and held on a series of locations on the head and back and front of your torso. The hands should never be placed using pressure, or be intrusive or inappropriate. If needed, additional placements can be made on the limbs; for instance, if there is a surgical scar or an injury.

Reiki is a very good energy which flows automatically where the imbalances of your body are located regardless of where the practitioner places his or her hands. There are practitioners usually following a predetermined sequence of placement of hands, with their hands made to rest on each body placement for between 2 and 5 minutes. There are also practitioners who do not follow a particular order in doing the placement, but do what they believe to be necessary. The third set of Reiki practitioners are those who do not touch, but only hover their palms a few inches above your body.

The Chakras

You should know about the chakras before attending a Reiki therapy session or learning about practice. The root chakra helps you to experience kinesthetic feelings and movement because it is applied on the base of spine covering the entire spinal column, legs, kidneys, feet, immune system and rectum. With the navel/sacral chakra, you will experience enhanced fertility and emotional connection because the chakra is applied on the lower abdomen where you have the sexual organs, middle spine, upper intestines, stomach, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spleen and adrenal glands

The solar plexus chakra is also a good one, as it enhances maturity in the way you handle your emotions. It applies to the back of the stomach where you have the upper abdomen, liver, umbilicus to rib cage, middle spine, spleen, kidney and the small intestine. If you want to be bold and feel responsible for any action taken by you, the throat chakra will help you. This is associated with the throat, trachea, thyroid glands, neck vertebrae, teeth, mouth, gums, parathyroid, esophagus and the hypothalamus.

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