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How to Reverse Kidney Disease

reverse kidney disease

Reversing kidney disease is not in the realm of myths; it is truly possible to reverse kidney disease, and people who have successfully done so can attest to the accuracy of the statement. The bigger and more important question though, is how to reverse kidney disease? Hopefully the below article gives you enough ammunition to fight this common and deadly disease.

Thiamine Consumption Can Help Reverse Kidney Disease

Thiamine is a chemical compound found in Vitamin B1. This compound is known to help kidneys function effectively mainly due to its ability to assist in the breakdown of food, and the enzymatic process that goes along with it. Unfortunately, vitamin B1 lacks in most kidney patients’ diet and for a good reason: foods that contain thiamine also contain phosphorus and potassium. A large amount of potassium and phosphorus is bad for the kidneys.

However for kidney disease sufferers, there are foods that contain thiamine without the unwanted potassium and phosphorus content. These foods include (but are not limited to) orange juice, wheat germ, milk, and cantaloupe.

Just a caveat, orange juice, wheat germ, cantaloupe and milk also content a sizeable amount of potassium. Keep in mind, people who are looking to fight kidney disease should reduce potassium and phosphorus from their diet. Vegetarians for example do not have to worry too much about large doses of phosphorus given their vegetable-based diet; which leads us to the second way to reverse kidney disease.

Vegan Foods can Help Reverse Kidney Disease

You already know that vegetables are your best friends. But this statement carries an even bigger significance in people who suffer from kidney disease. Vegetables, fruits, legumes such as beans, whole grains, seeds and nuts are extremely beneficial for your kidneys. Eating these kidney health foods in addition to the ones in the picture below, will ensure proper kidney function and overall good health.

kidney disease foods

Water and Exercise

To reverse kidney disease, it goes without saying that you should pay a particular attention to your diet. But what most people fail to do is properly hydrate their body with clean fresh water. Keeping your body and kidneys hydrated with water is one of the most important things you can do if you suffer from kidney disease

Additionally, you should embrace a physically active lifestyle. No one is talking about extraneous exercises such as mountain climbing or bike riding, no. Mild exercises such as walking can do wonders on your kidneys because walking helps reduce inflammation in the body.

Final Words

As you see, you can successfully reverse kidney disease, and hopefully this article showed you how to improve your kidney functions. Discover more by visiting and watch a free video that highlights 7 tips to a better kidney health

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