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Strength Training Rules to Live By

Strength Training rulesWhen it comes to fitness and strength training or even just getting the body that you have always wanted, there are many conflicting views regarding exactly what the best way is to achieve these goals really is. Some people hold the opinion that there are certain exercises or lifts that need to be done on a regular basis to help you obtain the physical goals you are aiming for. Meanwhile, others will hit the gym with a predetermined idea about the ‘rules’ or ‘standards’ that should be adhered to. The truth is, many of these so called rules that people put their faith in are not necessarily required. It does not do any harm to follow any of them you may be wasting energy!

Great Lifting Practices are not Required

When you first make the decision to hit the gym and start working out, unless you have done a lot of research or spoken to someone who is deep into the fitness world, you may be at a loss regarding where to start.  The following are a few of the rules that many people hitting the gym turn to when they are starting out with strength training and/or weight lifting.

✦    Cardio – As beneficial as cardio work can be, it is not necessary if you are strength training. There are many lifting techniques, that when enough reps are performed, will work the heart just as well as any cardio routine would. Remember if you have an inactive lifestyle and do not lift in a manner that will work your heart, an additional cardio workout will benefit you. Cardio does offer some tremendous benefits when striving to trim down and get in shape.

✦    Stretching – Stretching can help loosen things up and make you more flexible and any good strength training routine should certainly involve stretching.

Common things that are also a good addition to your regime, but are not necessary for effective strength training include squats, deadlifting, bench presses, bilateral and unilateral exercises. Though all of these are somewhat beneficial, they are not required, and it is possible to build muscle without them.

Things you Must do when Strength Training

This list includes a number of suggestions regarding things that you will want to consider when developing your own list of rules for effective strength training.

Three rules that everyone should follow are as follows:

  • getting plenty of sleep,
  • eating a diet filled with proper nutritional content, and
  • reducing stress.

For a body to function properly, these three things are crucial. Some other rules that are crucial for effective strength training include the following :

✦    Train Consistently – If you have made the decision that you are going to start strength training then you have to be willing to commit to it. Going to the gym once a month is not going to get you the results you are after, you must work out on a regular basis.

✦    Work hard and smart – When it comes to lifting, you cannot afford to lose focus. Pay attention to your body to ensure that you are benefiting your body the most in the work you are doing.

✦    Warm-up and Use Good Form – Warming up is just as essential to using good form. If you do not do both you could end up injuring yourself.

✦    Work All Your Muscles – If you only want to bulk up your arms, just work your arms, but to see full body results you need to make sure that you use all of your muscles.

✦    Make Progression – Strength training requires consistent routines but also requires the increasing of the weights lifted as well as the number of reps. without this, you are not going to be able to see the necessary results you are after.

If you pay attention to the key rules of strength training and you will safely reach your goals.

About the Author: Geoff Howard, is the owner of MutantNutrition. Geoff is also a former personal trainer and is well versed on the topic of weight training and general fitness.

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