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Think Outside the Box with These Healthy Gift Ideas

This is the story of Blake Daniels, a stay at home dad living with his wife and two sons in upstate New York. Over the last year Blake has taken an increased interest in his diet and exercise regime. When Blake isn’t blogging or working out you can find him taking care of his lawn, spending time with his sons, or working on various projects around the house. Let’s hear his story.


gift ideasAs we grow older diet and exercise become more important in our lives. When I was younger I ate whatever I wanted and my idea of exercise was playing basketball with some friends. I celebrated my 35th birthday last year and afterwards I took a step back and realized something. I had an awful diet and was embarrassingly out shape. My wife and I have two young boys and chasing them around the yard for ten minutes is enough to make me need to sit down.

I realized I needed to do something and I did. I started eating clean and exercising regularly. After a year I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have so much more energy and vigor for whatever I do and I feel better than I have in years. My new found fitness has left me with a desire to share it with my loved ones. I have been trying to get my brother to run with me for months now to no avail. However what better way around this time of year to share your passion than a holiday gift? Here are a few ideas for gifts to get someone who may need that extra nudge to really start taking their diet and exercise seriously.

A Gym Membership

For someone who wants to take that first step toward getting in shape, joining a gym can be a bit scary.  There is always the concern of the gym being a good fit for them, and getting started can be the hardest part. Take that fear away by gifting them with a three month gym membership.  Three months is long enough for them to begin seeing the benefits of their hard work, and will give them a good idea of whether or not a gym membership is something they wish to continue.  If your friend or family member already has a gym membership, consider purchasing some time for them to spend with a personal trainer so they can carry their fitness to the next level. Or you can even create a schedule for you two to work out together. Most things in life are better with a friend and fitness is no different.

All Natural Beauty Products

Many commercial beauty products are full of chemicals and toxins that people should not put anywhere near their skin.  As people become more aware of health risks, more and more alternatives for beauty products are becoming available. Take a look at your friends’ favorite shampoo or beauty products and then search for an all-natural alternative. If you can’t find a substitute try purchasing a new product, who knows maybe that will quickly become your friends new favorite.

Grilling Supplies

Grilling is a much healthier alternative to frying food, and to top it off, grilling brings out the natural flavor of foods. Grilling is also a very social activity, you can have friends and neighbors over while you cook some food and enjoy everyone’s company.  If your friend already has a grill, consider giving him a wood-smoked grill kit, which consists of wood and wood chips to use in your grill and an all-natural rub of herbs and spices to add some immense flavor to your food. My brother in law got me one last year and it completely changed the flavor of whatever I was cooking. Another great idea is some new grilling utensils. People tend to hang onto their grill brush for a little too long sometimes, take the initiative and give them that brand new one to replace it with.


Trying to maintain a healthy diet can be difficult. Especially when you have work and a family to manage, getting meals on the table can be hard enough but getting healthy meals on the table can seem impossible. There are so many great cookbooks out there with healthy cooking in mind.  Pick up a cookbook or two and give it to your favorite chef to help take the guesswork out of cooking healthy meals. My wife and I pick out 2 days a month where no matter what we are going to cook a new recipe for dinner. This is a great way to try new things and it also is a way to bond with someone you’re close to. Variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid to dig in and try some new recipes.

Seeing how long it took me to really start taking my health seriously I understand why some people don’t. However with the right gift it may be just the push in the right direction they need. Whatever you choose to get bear in mind who you are giving it to and what their personality is. There’s nothing better than watching someone open up a gift you gave them and seeing their face light up with excitement.

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