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5 Health Benefits of Exercising

health benefits of exercisingSo you have started going to the gym and excising, that is great! You know that exercise is good for keeping you healthy and strong but there are a lot of other advantages of exercising that you might not know about. Here is a list of 5 key health benefits you receive when you exercise.

1. Injury prevention

One of the biggest reasons to exercise isn’t just to keep the body in shape but to prevent potential injuries. Exercises such as weight training can keep our muscles strong which can help keep stress from our joints. Also when we start to age and get older, we begin to lose muscle mass as well as bone mass. Exercising can help decrease the effects of aging by keep our muscles and bones strong.

2. Health

It’s no secret that exercise keeps us healthy but what are some of the health benefits we receive from exercise. Exercise can strengthen the immune system, help us control our weight, help decrease the chances of diseases such as cancer, fights off high blood pressure, raise our HDL (high density lipids), it can also help us manage diabetes or strokes; and these are only some of the great health benefits you receive from exercising.

3. Energy

Feeling tired all the time and reaching for another energy drink just to help you keep up? Research has found that exercise can help fight off  fatigue and boost energy; so next time instead of reaching for that energy drink reach for a dumbbell instead.

4. Mood

It’s no surprise that exercise can help improve our moods and help us feel good. When we exercise our bodies release these chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins can help reduce the feeling of pain but can also help trigger positive feelings. Not only can you get a boost in your mood but regular exercise can also help alleviate stress and combat depression.

5. Self Image and appearance

Exercise isn’t all about improving your health. One of the greatest benefits of exercise is that it can help improve the way you feel about yourself and that is something you just can’t put a price on. When you look great its hard not to feel confident about yourself, you earned it.

Hopefully, list has made you aware of some of the key health benefits of exercising, and so next time, try that thing called going to the gym!

About the author: Billie is a FinesseFit Personal Trainer from San Jose. The mission of FinesseFit is to help others burn body fat, tone bodies and achieve a healthier life. For more information and fitness tips you can visit FinesseFit: Personal Trainer San Jose or visit me at my Google+ page.

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