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5 Suggested Foot Workouts to Lessen Foot Pain

foot painOur feet are the most abused part of our body simply because they are the ones that hold our weight and the ones that we use to move from one place to another such as walking, running, jogging and many other locomotor activities. Some people never have time to pamper their feet by means of going to the spa for a soothing foot massage treatment because they tend to be so busy with household chores or office work. This may sound frustrating but as you go on and read this article, we assure you that at the end of the day, you would already feel lighter and better because you yourself would already be able to enjoy the same type of relaxation through these suggested foot workout for you.

Toe Point

This procedure can be executed by raising one foot then point it downwards as if trying to touch the floor then relax and bring it back to normal position. You may do this routine for 32 counts to stretch smaller muscles that are located at the base of your feet, This exercise also make your blood circulation better enabling lesser pressure and foot pain.

Heel Raise

Elevate your heels through the balls of your feet. Keep still for 10 seconds then relax. Rise again and wait for another 10 seconds then relax. You can do the routine 10 times to ensure a more defined muscles on your calf and lessen cramps due to tight shoes.

Toe Squeeze

With the aid of rubberized toe separators or cotton balls placed in between your toes, squeeze your toes applying ample pressure to your foot a slight foot massage. Count one to 10 the release your squeeze. Do the squeeze un-squeeze procedure 10 times and you will lessen foot pain brought by claw like appearance of your toes.

Ball Rolling

Who says only your hand have the right to play a ball? Even toes can now relax by means of ball rolling. All you have to do is get a ball as big as a golf ball or tennis ball and make it roll using your sole. Remember to apply enough pressure while rolling. If you do this routine, you are assured to lessen your chances of experiencing heel problems such as inflammation of tissues found at the foot base.

Foot Bath

Soaking your feet in a lukewarm water with either sea salt or Epsom salt eases any pain that you frequently feel after walking, standing or running for a period of time. While the warm water relaxes your foot muscles, the salt helps lessen athlete’s foot.

These 5 suggestions were all devised to help you take care of and love your foot. If In the previous days  you usually ignore giving your foot a big break, you might as well try to do at least one if not all of the suggested foot workout in order to have a better and painless feet minus the payment of a very expensive foot massage service in saloons and spa.

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