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Choosing a Great Kitchen Knife for Healthy Food Preparation

When you think of kitchen utensil you will undoubtedly think of the kitchen knife or chef’s knife. These types of kitchen knives are the most common multipurpose kitchen tool that you will find yourself reaching for when preparing nearly all food dishes.

The problem however is finding a great kitchen knife amongst the hundreds if not thousands of knife varieties. There are only a few key points to remember when choosing you next best kitchen knife, but don’t worry as I will outline a few of the basic kitchen knife buying tips below as well as the must have kitchen knives to help you to choose the perfect knife for you and your prepping needs.

“A knife is a very personal thing. If you buy the right one for you, it will be your cooking partner for dozens of years and could even possibly outlive you.”

You can purchase a knife block at virtually all home depot stores but to be honest you don’t really need to invest in a knife block because for the average home cook on a limited budget you can get away with just using 3 knives – YES, only 3 kitchen knives and you can tackle almost every food dish. The below are the 3 must-have kitchen knives

Chef’s knife

chef's knifeThe Chef’s knife is your most utilized kitchen knife and it can be used for a variety of cutting and prepping tasks in the kitchen. This versatile kitchen knife can tackle everything from chopping, mincing, slicing, dicing and you’ll find that the most common chef knives have a blade between 7 and 8 inches in length.

Some professional cooks like to have two different types of chef knives; a lighter Japanese-style (like a Santoku Knife) for vegetable, fruit prep and then a German-style for more heavy-duty traditional looking chef knife for prepping tasks like slicing through food like; watermelons , butternut squash and for heavy duty meat preparation.

Paring knife

paring knife

The Paring knife is really a smaller version of a chef’s knife and it utilized for integrate prepping tasks such as peeling fruits, vegetables and is great for delicate cutting and precision prepping tasks.  The Paring knife truly is a versatile multi-prep knife that really deserves a place in the kitchen.

Serrated bread knife

Serrated bread knife

The Serrated bread knife is primarily used for cutting crispy bread but it has a lot more uses in the kitchen that bread cutting.  You can use the serrated knife for prepping fruits like melons and pineapples and if you’ve ever struggles to cut perfect slices of tomatoes try using the serrated knife you’ll be shocked at how easily this knife slices though them!

The good thing about serrated kitchen knives is that the blade stays razor sharp far much longer that other kitchen knives.

Kitchen Knife Buying Tips

Buying a good quality kitchen knife shouldn’t be hard, it really all boils down to how much you want to spend. When choosing your next kitchen knife make sure you pick it up, there’s no point buying a knife that doesn’t feel right in your hand so make sure you try before you buy.

The knife should have weight to it, don’t buy a knife that is extremely light, these are often cheap knives that will not last more than a week!

Try and buy a kitchen knife that has a full tang that goes all the way through the knife handle, this will ensure a sturdy stronger knife.

And lastly try and buy a fully forged kitchen knife rather than the cheaper stamped knives, the stamped knives are mass produced whereas the forged kitchen knives are generally handmade.

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