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Focusing on Your Personal Health in 2014

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Personal health is a rather broad term and it’s important to note that it isn’t only about a healthy body but also a healthy mind and feeling just as good on the inside as you do on the outside.

Healthy heart

Some of the most severe health problems are heart related and it’s therefore important to look for ways to improve the health of your heart. If you’re to improve the health of your heart you’ll need to know the condition it’s in, so visit your doctor to find out your ‘heart numbers’.

These include blood pressure, BMI (body mass index), HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), total cholesterol, bodyweight and triglycerides. Once you’re aware of your heart numbers you can look for ways to improve it through diet and exercise.

Healthy mind

When we think of good health we generally think about our bodies, but it’s also important to pay attention to our mental health, after all, there’s little point to possessing a healthy body if you’re unhappy and at odds with the world.

Connecting with others and enjoying strong interpersonal relationships helps us to derive more pleasure from life, as does participating in social activities and sharing interests with others.

Taking the time to enjoy life is also an important aspect of enjoying sound mental health and it’s extremely important to set aside time for the activities and pastimes you enjoy; moreover, setting aside time for enjoyable activities and pastimes helps to mitigate stress which is also essential.

Having goals and looking for challenges is an essential part of being human, and although there’s no need to go all out here, simple challenges like learning how to cook new dishes or learning new skills at work are integral aspects of enjoying good mental health and living life to the fullest.

Healthy diet

The role that diet plays in enjoying good health is so important that it should probably be the first thing you address as part of your New Year’s resolution to enjoy better health in 2014.

Healthy food doesn’t have to equate to unappetizing food and it’s remarkable how many people have discovered they can eat healthily without sacrificing flavor or enjoyment, in fact, what’s really remarkable here is how many people associate flavorsome food with unhealthy food.

Increase your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce the amount of dairy, meat and processed food you consume and you’ll notice a positive difference in no time.

Moreover, although there’s no need to count your calories unless you’re trying to lose weight – you’ll generally shed unwanted pounds as a result of changing your diet for the better – take note of your caloric intake and portion sizes for the first few months and you’ll eat better as a result.

Regular exercise

Like a healthy diet, engaging in exercise regularly is an integral part of enjoying better health and many of the top providers of private health insurance in the UK actually offer free or discounted gym membership because they’ve a vested interest in your health, i.e. less to pay for your medical treatment.

If you’re relatively new to exercise, visit a few appropriate websites for advice and always start off slowly – too many people rush into exercise, injure themselves and are put off trying to get in shape again.

If you’re really out of shape a daily short walk or two is a great way to start and increase the distance and time as you feel more comfortable.

Paying greater attention to your personal health is a commendable New Year’s resolution so stick with it and reap the rewards!

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