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Guide to a Flat Stomach: 8 Small Daily Steps for a Big Change

guide to a flat stomach

One of the best ways to prevent cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease is to concentrate on the abdomen. The health benefits of a flat belly far exceed its purely aesthetic importance. It is also an important prerequisite for the proper functioning of key processes in the human body. That’s why we decided to dedicate the following article to talking about simple daily habits that will successfully keep excess inches away from the waist and abdomen.

1. Beer embargo

According to a survey by the American Journal of Epidemiology, beer lovers have a greater circumference around their abdomens and thighs compared with those who prefer red wine or hard liquor. One or two beers a week, especially during the summer season, are fine. But no more.

2. Boldly with blueberries

A diet rich in blueberries prevents the formation of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. These are the results of an experiment at the University of Michigan, during a study in which the participants consumed blueberries added to oatmeal, yogurt and salads for maximum effect. Among the greatest benefits of blueberries is that due to the fiber content and complex antioxidant profile, they fight stubborn fat efficiently whether fresh, frozen or in the form of dried fruit.

3. An egg every day

The specialized medical journal International Journal of Obesity conducted an interesting study in which volunteers following a light diet were divided into two control groups. Participants in the first group included two eggs for breakfast and, as a result, were able to “shrink” their waist by more inches than participants in the second group, who received the same number of calories, but in the form of another breakfast. However, doctors recommend not eating more than six eggs a week, especially for people who have cholesterol problems and high blood pressure.

4. Transmission gear

According to the sports gurus of Journal of Strength and Conditioning, spending time trying to increase the speed with which you do crunches does not lead to a reduction of their quality and the correct form of execution. Faster crunches cause the activation of more muscle groups in the abdomen, so the more appropriate option is to do fewer, but more dynamic crunches, than drool with hundreds of lazy repetitions.

5. Whole (grainy) happiness

If you have seriously decided to get rid of belly flab, the next step is clear: stock your refrigerator and cupboards with more whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain pasta.

6. Cigarettes are out

Scientists in the Netherlands have found that the bodies of smokers have much larger amounts of hazardous visceral fat, which is accumulated mainly in the stomach cavity or encloses the internal organs.

7. Weights are required, really required

Women who do strength training with weights at least twice a week lose, depending on the physiological characteristics of their bodies, four to five times more fat in the abdominal area compared to women who prefer to rely solely on cardio exertion.

8. Smiles, smiles and smiles again

Depression, mood swings and stress are all closely related, not only to the accumulation of stubborn body fat, but also to significant weight gain. This was shown in the results of a large study published in the medical journal Obesity. Make an effort to smile, even if it is difficult, because there is a psychological phenomenon that says that a person is not only smiling when they are happy; the opposite is also true – smiling can make you feel happy. Simply put – the smile itself can be the cause of happiness, which provokes good mood. Great, isn’t it?

About the Author: Cesar Comino is a qualified scientist and fitness instructor, and one of Watchfit‘s experts – a dynamic team of health and wellness geeks, who share the passion to help the world reach their diet, weight loss, and health goals. Watchfit’s free app turns weight loss into a game, so join in and let’s play!

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