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Harness the Intrinsic Power of Yoga to Ease Out of the Discomforts During Pregnancy

pregnancy yogaYogic postures are proven to deliver a flurry of advantages for the body, soul and life. Correct alignment of the body in line with the instructions given by qualified Yoga teachers will unleash the latent energy and strength stored in one’s physical self. Rückbildungsgymnastik in Zürich (postnatal exercise or yoga in Zurich) creates a vibrant and charged ambiance for the participants in which they can fully realize their potential and drive the healing energy flow to set right the woes afflicting the body and mind.

The asana for the present generation

Ancient Indian seers, particularly Patanjali had laid down a comprehensive system of yogic postures (asana) which will allow an individual to take his soul on a flight to the confluence of soul and super-soul. The various asana has been taken to the next level with a motivated bunch of Yoga teachers who have understood the inherent power of yoga and thus adapted it adequately to complement the modern lifestyle. The practice of the asana is carried out in perfect harmony with one’s anatomical setup with complete awareness for details.

Pregnancy during Yoga

The body of a woman who is on the brink of motherhood is in constant flux. The advancement of fetal through various stages from the period of conceiving to ultimately getting delivered in the form of a new life takes its toll on the health and fitness of the would-be mother. Prenatal yoga is aimed at practicing poses adapted to relieve the body of nagging discomforts during pregnancy through a set of bespoke asana, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. This prepares the body for childbirth and also offers additional life energy to the baby.

Yoga has been scientifically proven to bring down heartbeat; breathing rate and blood pressure to safe limits which help the body cope up with the tremendous stress of labor and childbirth. Ataia yoga teachers have drawn inspiration from Yoga fundamentals and devised safe breathing and relaxation methods which an expecting mother can practice during the trimesters even though she might possess minimal knowledge of yoga. The postures are safe for the developing fetus and also highly effective in releasing the tension building up within the body.

Postnatal yoga induces resilience in the body so that it effortlessly springs back to pre-pregnancy grace with newfound energy that expedites the body recovery process from labor triggered exhaustion and stress of being a mother. Yoga causes the abdominal muscles, stretched to their limits to gain strength and assume pre-pregnancy figure while easing the recovery process of back and hips from nine months of weight gain. It strengths the pelvic floor muscles, releases tension in the neck and shoulder muscles and helps mothers better cope up with postnatal depression.

Yoga in pregnancy that optimally prepares the body for the impending stress of childbirth and hastens the recovery process after a new life has descended on earth can be learnt in ataia yoga studio. The extensively trained teachers will help in striking a balance between emotional and physical self.

About the author: Jennifer is a anusara inspired certified yoga teacher. She has written in depth about the advantages that accrue to a person who practices the asana. She has been associated with rückbildungsgymnastik in zürich (postnatal gym in Zurich) since its inception.

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