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How to Maximize your Resolutions

new year's resolution

New Year’s resolutions; Everybody makes them but only a few end up sticking to our new way of life past a few short-lived weeks which is such a shame as most often they are really good resolutions! So why don’t we stick to our “good behavior?”  The most commonly heard reason for ditching the New Year = New You plan is that results simply aren’t being seen soon enough.

What can we do to maximize the impact of our efforts? Read on for some top tips on how to get results fast!

Resolution = Exercise More

A resolution that make and break is to get fit. Results here are often slower than wanted; In fact it is said that it takes at least four weeks for you to notice your own body changing but double that for others to notice. Speed up this slow start with the right gear from specialist shops such as High Octane Sport; compression wear for example can have a huge impact on your work out as can the correct trainers. You could also ask for a personal training session at a gym to have a tailored plan put together that targets specific areas. Then if you want a fast butt lift, you should get just that!

Resolution = Eat Less/Better

Another common resolution that is hard to stick with, particularly when the house is full of left over party food. Box temptations up and donate to a homeless shelter. They will appreciate it much more than you guiltily chewing on Quality Streets as you cook and you will feel even more saintly.

It is very important to weigh and measure yourself at the start of your new regime to get a starting point. But then only do this once a week (at roughly the same time) if you want to see regular progress towards your goal. This should spur you on to keep going!

Resolution = Socialize More

Over the festive period we see family and friends much more than we usually do and so another common promise is to meet up with people more frequently. Of course as soon as real life kicks back in often our words turn into nothing. Be different by managing your time well in advance. Use a digital calendar so you have access to your diary at all times and can also look back each month and see if you’ve been keeping in touch!

For even more tips on sticking to your resolutions click here.

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