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Quit Smoking – Switch to a Better Alternative

e hookahWe are probably still a very long way away from the day when cigarettes will be banned everywhere outside of your own home; but it is clear that the list of places where you can freely light up is shrinking at a fast pace. Smokers that have grown tired of hunting for a place to get their smoke on without receiving a ticket are either trying to quit smoking, or are actively seeking a replacement. This has ultimately caused the sales of e-cigarettes to spike dramatically. However, not every smoker is happy with that new selection.

Not everyone likes e-cigarettes

While an electronic cigarette may look and feel like the real thing, and may deliver nicotine to the “smoker,” many people still end up feeling less than satisfied. Ask them to try and put a finger on what the problem is and you will get a number of different answers. Some will tell you that there is a taste that they don’t like, while others will talk about the poor battery power that leaves them craving a vape when the charge is dead. Most, though, will just simply say that the electronic version just doesn’t come close to being as satisfying as a real cigarette.

eHookah pens

Rather than just jumping back to the incredibly unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes, you might look into another electronic alternatives. The electronic hookah is fast becoming the go to choice for smokers looking to kick the habit or get their nicotine fix in a much safer, healthier way. eHookah pens are the latest fashion trend among the vaping crowd, and it’s one that is generating a ton of buzz due to the more authentic smoking feel that the electronic hookah units deliver.

More on e-hookah

You would be excused for thinking that an ehookah might be a strange choice for a portable unit, especially given the size of traditional hookah. The difference with the electronic versions is that the smoking experience has been shrunk down into a hookah pen that looks like the same size and shape as a traditional cigarette or e-cig, but which delivers an incredibly different vaping experience. Many of those that have tried e-cigs and made the switch to the e-hookah are now exclaiming that this is something they should have done a long time ago.

Final considerations

The talk here is about how much more satisfying the e-hookah experience is to that of the electronic cigarette, and how vaping with a hookah stick makes them forget about cigarettes altogether. The talk here is that it all has to do with the earthier tobacco flavor that e-hookahs deliver, not to mention the oh so satisfying throat hit that smokers crave yet find so hard to come by with the popular e-cig brands.

So what does all this mean for you? Well, what it means is that if you have tried to kick the habit and replace your cigarettes with an electronic version with no success, you need to invest in an e-hookah to find out what all the buzz is really about.

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