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A Review of iHerb and iHerb Coupon

iherbWhat is iHerb?

iHerb is a leading provider of health related products including natural supplements and vitamins. iHerb sells primarily through an online store that has been up and running since 1996. Products have grown from just a few hundreds, back in 1996, to over 35,000 SKUs ranging from pet food, to organic home care products to many more products catered towards health conscious people. The company makes available an iherb coupon that never expires, and gives the highest discount on all natural products, including supplements, groceries, bath and beauty items, etc.

What is the iHerb Coupon About?

iherb couponAs mentioned above, iHerb provides an all year round iherb coupon that allows for first time customers to save between $5 and $10 on any purchase. In addition, the iherb coupon qualifies U.S. buyers with free shipping on any purchases of value greater than $40. The iherb coupon code is PLC982 and it is valid all year round.

As you can imagine, the iherb discount code is in high demand given customers are always in search of great deals on supplements, vitamins, natural food, bath and beauty products, etc. The company provides several coupon codes, but the iherb coupon that offers the greatest discounts of all is iherb coupon code PLC892.

More on the iHerb Coupon Code

The first time you visit iHerb.com, log on, and make a purchase, you will be given an iherb coupon code that is tailored to you and only you. This iherb coupon allows you to take advantage of large discounts every time you shop on the site.

But it gets better; the iherb coupon code also allows you to get referrals to the site. Any time your referrals purchase something on iherb.com, you get a percent commission on their total purchased dollar amount. This commission can later be applied as a discount towards your next order.

iHerb Reward System

As mentioned above, iHerb comes with a reward system that you can take advantage of. To refer anyone to iHerb, use your registration email address as your rewards code. To increase your referrals rate, you have several options including:

1 Sharing your shopping cart packed with your products, using a link that has your reward code included in it.

2 Use social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to share your reward code.

3 YouTube is another great tool you can use to spread the world on your iherb coupon deals. Don’t be shy, make use of the power of video

4 Are you a blogger? Then write articles about your iherb coupon experience and let the power of Google Search Engine Optimization do the job for you!

Good Luck with you iherb coupon domination 😉

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