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Say Goodbye to Dull-Dry Skin and Get a Healthy Glowing Skin

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We all know how it thrills us to be complimented for having a flawless and healthy skin, radiating with beauty and youth. Skin care is an inevitable part of any health regimen, hence you must be very regular to treat your skin with the due love and care it deserves.  If you are one of the lucky ones to be blessed with good skin genetically, bingo! However even those fortunate ones need to look after their skin regularly to maintain its glow. And if you are wondering how to make your skin look more beautiful and vibrant, well the dream is not far away! Here’s how you could make it possible:

Drink Oodles of Water

Nobody would refute the fact that the best gift you could give your skin is to drink lots of water. Ensuring that your body is getting adequate supply of water makes the toxins and other impurities flush out from your body during the excretory process. Water also keeps your metabolism active and blood circulation in proper motion, which gives a healthy flush to your skin.

Eat Almonds

Almonds have been the secret to a glowing and supple skin since ages now. You also tend to push back your age when you regularly feed on almonds in any form you enjoy. Natural face packs prepared with milk, honey and almond paste are considered to be a boon for your skin as they would provide all the necessary nutrients which you might not otherwise provide your skin directly.

Be Fishy

Indulge in eating lots of oily fish like salmon etc, basically sea water fish as its protein, iodine, potassium and omega-3 content is way higher than any other food item. Eating fish at least thrice a week helps you ward off stress and boosts your brain health as well. Without much effort, you would start noticing how eating fish is making you look even more young, beautiful and radiating!

Exfoliate, Albeit In a Limit!

Your skin goes through a lot of dusty and dirty environment everyday or even if you stay or work at a relatively cleaner location, your skin starts forming dead cells on its upper layers after3-4 days. Hence, in order to replenish your skin cells, scrub your skin twice a week. However, do not indulge in over exfoliation as this could harm the skin health, leading to inflammation, irritation and skin darkening.

Herbal Tea

Green tea or herbal tea has powerful anti oxidants and has a really good effect on our body. Make it a point to drink green tea at least twice a day. For better results, add a few drops of lemon into your cup of green tea as this would ensure that your herbal tea is not restricting the iron absorption from your food. Chinese women are poplar across the world to have flawless and youthful skin, and this is mainly because herbal tea is an integral part of their diets.

Deep Moisturize

This tip is very basic and simple. Remember to apply a good deal of moisturizer minimum once in a day to maintain a soft, naturally smooth and supple skin. Not moisturizing your skin especially after washing it will lead to dryness, leading the skin to lose its glow.

Author Bio: Joecy Parker is an Online Manager for Dermatend Products which helps to Remove Moles Safely at Home. She likes to Blog about Health, Beauty and Skin care.

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