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The Sins of Shisha (Hookah) Vs. The Electronic Shisha Equivalent

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What are E-Shisha Pens

E-Shisha Pens are related to the Middle Eastern practice of smoking Shisha, which is a flavored tobacco smoked through a large pipe, often with extravagant designs. Despite sharing a similar name they are fairly different in that Electronic Shisha resembles a stick shape, rather than a pipe. Furthermore, E-Shisha Pens can often contain little or no nicotine since they don’t have real tobacco, unlike real Shisha. For these reasons it has quickly become a fashionable product and even celebrities enjoy smoking E-Shisha Pens regularly.

Characteristics of E-Shisha Pens

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They have similar characteristics to electronic cigarettes in that they contain e-liquid, which is responsible for releasing the smoke effect. The smoke is harmless water vapor in most cases and it will have a flavor that is much stronger than with e cigs. The amount of vapor released is also greater than with e cigs and that’s why it’s preferred by many. Real Shisha (Hookah) usually involves a large amount of tobacco and this has obvious health concerns, with just one inhalation being the equivalent of twenty or so cigarettes. However, with E-Shisha that health risk is greatly reduced. Although the Shisha Pen is not “healthy” they are far healthier than traditional Hookah. Of course, inhaling anything other than air can be harmful to any human but with E-Shisha there is very little risk, especially compared to the real thing.

The E-Shisha Pen and the E-Shisha Stick are the same thing but with slightly different names and it’s a matter of preference when using either of them. As previously mentioned they originated from the practice of smoking tobacco through a pipe, something that has also achieved recognition throughout the world, quickly spreading from the Middle East to Europe and beyond. Electronic Shisha has arguably spread quicker than the real thing and the reasons for that seem obvious. They are easier to carry around; just like an electronic cig they can be stored in a pocket between uses. They don’t contain any carcinogens and can be used indoors, provided no rules are in place.

Electronic shisha tends to be disposable, rather than refillable, because they are often used by non-smokers. Since most non-smokers like to use E-Shisha Sticks occasionally there isn’t any need to refill them, simply buy another if and when needed. With e-cigs most people who use them are smokers so they prefer to have a refillable version. Electronic shisha is a great way for both smokers and non-smokers to replicate the Hookah pipe and thanks to its healthier and more practical design; people can enjoy them with no risk.

Final Considerations

The popularity of the E-shisha Pen has meant there are now plenty of flavors and designs to choose from. Although they used to be for non-smokers, some brands have made nicotine versions for smokers and others contain only a small amount of nicotine. They can also come in refillable versions too, useful if using them regularly. Regardless of how people use them they are a fun and a trendy product to have.

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