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Top 10 Health Benefits of Napping

benefits of nappingWhy take a nap, when a good night sleep is coming up, anyway? Anyone posing this question will be surprised by the answer. Nap for an hour in the afternoon and you’ll rest better at night, and stay more alert during the day! Can you beat that? Read on to know about 10 health benefits of napping.

1. Health Benefits of Napping: More Alertness

According to NASA, alertness can be increased by 100% by taking a 40-minute nap. A 40-minute nap works just as well as 200 mg of caffeine would, without the side effects.

2. Health Benefits of Napping: Fewer Errors

Want to ace a test or fly a plane? Nap for 20 minutes and your error margin will be much reduced. You’ll be better able to retain information in your mind and to act upon what you’ve learnt, after you’ve had a nap.

3. Health Benefits of Napping: Better Memory

During sleep time, memory retention is intensified. This is when memories are transferred to the neocortex, the place where long-term memories are stored. So when you nap, you tend retain what you learnt even better.

4. Health Benefits of Napping:Better Productivity

A nap in the afternoon helps to prevent burnout and eases information overload. Keep working without the necessary nap and you’ll see a fall in your productivity.

5. Health Benefits of Napping: Better Creativity

A 20-minute nap can seriously improve your sensory perception. You’ll enjoy life better, everything tastes and looks better and you’ll be more creative than ever.

6. You Want a Better Health? Nap

Cortisol,the stress hormone, is generated when you’re sleep deprived. If you’re feeling stressed, just nap for 20 minutes in the afternoon and you’ll see the difference in your stress levels. Your body is better able to absorb insulin, which brings down your tummy fat as well.

7. Health Benefits of Napping: Better Growth

It’s during sleep time that your immune system works the best. A brief nap helps your brain to rest, while your body repairs muscle, tissue and adjusts body weight.

8. Napping Allows for a Better Mood

Serotonin is the mood regulating hormone; when you’re stressed, this hormone takes a vacation. A brief nap can restore your serotonin levels and you’ll feel much better.

9. Taking a Nap can Help Generate More Savings

Try taking a nap instead of investing in a million cups of coffee and energy bars. Boost your energy the natural way and watch the coins pile up in your little collection box!

10. Napping with Give you a Better Heart

Nap for 30 minutes thrice a week and you’ll enjoy better heart health. In fact, studies indicate that the risk of heart disease reduces as much as 64% if you nap regularly every day.

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