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Winter Time: A Guide to How to Keep Active Indoors

Winter is well and truly here with freezing temperatures, gale force winds and torrential rain. As a result many people are choosing to spend more and more time inside, venturing out for food shopping, work and little else. However, spending the winter inside does not mean you have to be a coach potato! There are now so many different ways of keeping active within the house from simple changes to your daily routine to work out DVDs and even specialist equipment. Read on to find out more about your home work out options.

Sprucing Up

Cleaning the house ready for the start of a New Year is a great way to mentally and physically revive yourself. We all know that cleaning is a good workout but take on board a few of these tips and your household chores become a full on work out!

Be mindful of every movement that you make and exaggerate it or duplicate. Instead of climbing on the side once to empty the cans from the cupboard, do it for each can. Lunge your way through hovering and squat down low to wipe skirting and kitchen cupboards. Don’t take shortcuts. Move the sofa out of the way, scrub the floor by hand and don’t leave out storage areas.

Put the Box On

Ok so putting the TV on might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of indoor activities but if you have Freeview, Sky or Cable there are many exercise channels right there at the touch of a button! If that’s not the case you can always indulge yourself and buy one of the many exercise DVDs that have suddenly sprung up in the shops. For a review of the best ones to try this year, click here.

Get the Gear

If you’re serious about staying home and getting fit it might be a good idea to invest in some specialist equipment such as kettle balls, free-weights or resistance bands. Check out specialist equipment stores such as Fitness Mad to get an idea of the range of equipment that is available. Make sure that you know how to use the equipment safely and effectively by comprehensively reading the instructions and looking at demonstration videos online.

There is a basic run down of the range of activities that you can safely do at home. Now all that is left is to pick the right one for you!

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