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6 Exercises You Will Want to Do

what is crossfit

It is so important to keep our bodies moving, and stay in shape. Keeping fit is not about a mundane routine anymore. You don’t have to settle for weights at the gym, or cardio machines at your home or in the gym. Now you can get involved with exercise classes to get in shape.

Workout training and exercise classes are popping up everywhere, and they aren’t your typical boring aerobics dance routines. Nope, you can now get involved in Latin heat, kickboxing cardio, bodyworks and crossfit training. Another positive side of attending a class is the improvement in your social life by meeting new people who have similar interests to you and live in the same area.

For those that want to get into shape, but don’t want to go to a gym, taking an exercise class is a better option. Since most studios offer training in the morning, afternoon and evening, you can choose which time suits your schedule best. So if you’re more of a more of a morning person, you can go to an early morning training session or choose to go to a class in the evening after work.

With so many different kinds of exercise classes for every type of person, no one should have an excuse not to exercise. Every city offers different training options, but there are a few types of classes that are available in almost every town:

Yoga Workout

Yoga is a practice that will empower your mind, strengthen your body, and create flexibility. Yoga is such a great way to get in shape and grow spiritually. Yoga teaches us to be more present and to breathe more deeply. In the act of being present and breathing deeply, you relieve stress and are able to cope with every day stresses much easier. Focused breathing and movements create calm in the body. Yoga is a practice that will change your life if you allow it to become part of your exercise routine. Don’t think that yoga is easy either; yoga is a practice that builds muscle in the body, and handstands and headstands are some of the advanced poses in yoga. Yoga is a class for those that are looking to become more aware and deeper connected to nature and your spiritual side, while relieving stress and getting in shape. Plus there are many different kinds of yoga classes, from beginners to advanced, so you can start where you feel most comfortable.

Crossfit Training

Crossfit is not for the faint hearted and you should have a good level of fitness before signing up. Crossfit is fast becoming a very popular sport with its very own world championships held annually in California, USA, it is now attracting big sponsors like Reebok and highly competitive athletes such as Rich Froning and Samantha Briggs.

Crossfit is to the extreme with a mixture of workouts and time tasks that you have to push yourself further and faster every time you do the challenge.
If you enjoy working out and fitness training you can’t just watch you need to be involved and once you are involved the addiction starts.

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Spin or Cycle Class

Spinning class, also known as cycle class, is a class that is done with station bikes. The instructor guides the class through an intense cycle experience that mimics riding through hiking trails and up and down mountains. This class will make you sweat! It is designed for those that want to gain more endurance, and don’t mind an hour of intense biking. It is a cardio workout that will leave you tired with a capital T after you are finished. If you like high intensity workouts, then this one is for you.

Zumba Exercise

Zumba is a Latin inspired dance class that will get you moving, and help you to burn calories, while having a fun time. Zumba classes are becoming extremely popular because of their fun factor; people love to exercise if they don’t really feel like they are exercising. This class will do that for you.

Dance Class

Dance classes are so such a fun way to exercise, and there are so many options to choose from. Popular dance classes include hip-hop, street, salsa and Latin themes, where the instructor provides an exhilarating upbeat class that helps you to get fit and lose weight.

Boot Camps

Boot camps are a bit more challenging, but are great for working out and toning up. They are based around the army boots camps, where there are different obstacle courses that one must go through. You start at one point and are timed till you finish the last obstacle. This is an intense workout that is designed to get your whole body moving. If you like the boot camp kind of exercises, then this workout is for you.


Pilate’s offers an intense workout based around your core. This is a great workout that will not only tone and strengthen your abs, but also lengthen and tone your whole body. Pilate’s can be done using a Pilate’s machine, also called a reformer, or can be done without a machine and instead using the floor. Most gyms offer a class called mat Pilate’s that require only a yoga mat, but if you want to use the Pilate’s machine, than you will have to join a studio that specifically designed for Pilate’s.

Before you start any training routine or class it is advisable to speak with your doctor especially if you have any history of health problems and learn more about your own body including the right diet for your body shape click here

There are so many more kinds of workouts and classes available, so wherever you live, take the time to check out what is offered. Most local gyms will also offer a variety of classes, so be sure to check them out, as they tend to be less expensive then independent studios.

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