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Beat the NHS Queues with this Private Thyroid Testing

What is Medichecks?

Medichecks is the UK’s leading provider of online blood tests and health screens.  Corporate clients include Sports Direct, the BBC and Investors in People.  Medichecks offer tests and screens for over 1200 conditions which are assessed by accredited laboratories.  If you need help or advice on choosing a blood test such as thyroid tests or health check such as the Well Woman or Well man check, then Medichecks can be contacted on 08456 029029 or via face book and twitter.  Each month Medichecks sends out a free newsletter to its subscribers which automatically gives you an entry into their monthly prize drawer to win a Well Person Health Check worth £179.

Whether you are looking for health checks as an employer on a corporate basis for your business and employees or as an individual there are 682 test centers that can be found across the UK.  If you are unable to attend one of the test centers then a nurse can be arranged to visit you at home or at work to administer the test, which ever is more convenient. If you are in need of a same day appointment then here at Medichecks we have appointments available from 7am to 7pm at selected sites across London and the test results are usually available within a few hours of the sample being received at the laboratory.

Thyroid Test

thyroid test

One of the many blood hormone tests available from Medichecks is a Thyroid test.  The Thyroid test is to detect and screen for any abnormal thyroid function.  Costing as little as £99 which can then be reduced to £79 if it is bought as part of a multibuy (cheapest test charged at discounted price).  The blood hormone test does not need to be taken at one of our centers but can be administered by yourself at home or work in the form of a finger prick test.  There is a video available within the website which shows you how to administer the finger prick blood Thyroid test.

Thyroid tests can be necessary to discover if the patient is suffering for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) or hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).  The thyroid is responsible for making the hormones that regulate your metabolism.  With few mild symptoms such as lethargy, feeling cold or brittle nails, thyroid tests can sometimes be the only indicator of a problem as many sufferers feel that their symptoms are just a sign of aging.

The cost of the thyroid test includes the finger prick sample kit, postage and packaging, laboratory analysis, a medical questionnaire, a copy and interpretation of the results and a helpline card if you have any queries. Thyroid tests have a turnaround time of one day after receipt of the sample.

Ordering thyroid tests is very simple, you can order online or call 08456 029029 and will receive an email confirmation of your thyroid test order.  The kit will be sent out to you.  You then post your sample to the laboratory in the prepaid envelope along with the Medical questionnaire.  You will then receive your results in the manner in which you have requested, either by post or online via Medichecks secure server.

Final Considerations

All information is treated in the strictest confidence in line with the standards of the Medical Ethics and Data Protection Act.  Personal information about thyroid tests will never be divulged to any third party, including your doctor without your prior written consent.

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